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Out at a restaurant


We’re out at a restaurant and I’m so nervous. Everything is wobbly like I’ll just fall over. I can feel my heart beating. 😔 I keep burping. Any advice?

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Leave and go home.

Don’t leave. You have to overcome this and you can. Try drinking water. It’s known for disrupting panic attacks. Also try tensing every muscle in your body and then release.

Just tell yourself over and over you’re going to be ok. You’ve been in this situation before and you’ve survived another day.

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I stayed. I wasn’t able to eat I had to take it home but I sat with my family and talked and got out of the funk. Then it hit me again before we left and it took a bit to calm down when I got home but I finally got to eat my meal. Ty for your reply. 🥺😔

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Glad you were able to hang in there and work through it! Hopefully your meal was good! 😀

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