Why is this happening to me I feel so full headed and off balance like I could faint by standing to long I feel like the floor falls beneath me sometimes sitting or standing... I feel spaced out and just dizzy not spinning dizziness but just off swaying dizziness my head feels heavy and just full :( it's the worst it's been four years the only relief I get is from taking xanax.... it's either one of these few things causing my problems

Ears /were told they were normal but I got all this mess four months after a really bad ear infection

Neck issues tense muscles



I just wanna know which one

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  • Ashley1489, I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with spaced out/off balance feeling. Would you believe me if I told you that it was coming from severe anxiety? Tense neck muscles are a result of that awful off balance/dizzy headed feeling. Because we are always trying to counter correct that feeling putting undo strain on the neck and shoulder muscles. Because of our tense demeanor, TMJ may develop causing facial tightness. Between the tensed muscles in our neck, shoulders and face, the lymphatic fluids can get trapped causing that full headed feeling.

    This is a good example of the mind/body connection. Contributing to these feelings can very well be the medicine that you are taking to relief the symptoms. Yes, Xanax....depending on the dose, frequency or length of time you have been on it. x

  • Will this ever leave have you had the same symptoms before

  • Ashley, I had the exact same feelings for years. Went through MRIs, CT scan, Cardiologist, Neurologist, The fear in me was high every day plus my neck muscles kept getting tighter and tighter. I was actually wearing a neck collar to avoid causing more stress to the discs in my neck.

    It wasn't until I had gotten off Xanax and Ativan that I realized it was the meds causing these feelings. Oh the symptoms were there at the beginning that caused the psychiatrist to prescribe Benzos. But when the drugs no longer work, your brain demands more by giving you continuing symptoms unless you feed it what it wants. More drugs. It took not only coming off the Benzos but a healing time for the brain to adjust to function w/o the meds doing it.

    I am still amazed to this day, how something that was meant to help you eventually turned against me. I no longer get those feelings. EVER...

  • That's amazing u give me hope I want to be normal again for my son.... how long did it take for your brain to accept life without benzo

  • Two months..

  • I understand. I'm going through the same thing. Hope we feel better soon .

  • How long have u dealt with it hun

  • Since the beginning of May. It's slowly starting to go away. Now I'm on this shortness of breath/ having to take deep breaths type thing. If it's not one thing it's another. But it's not permanent. I know that much .

  • Stay strong hun

  • Ashley 1489 , I'm hearing you it's exactly what happens to me and has nothing to do with meds , it's bloody anxiety and yes Xanax def helps . I only take when I'm really bad and can go weeks with out it but still have the head pressure , off balance , staggers , feels like floor dropping , feels like the ground is on a lean , hate standing in lines as I think I'm going to collapse or faint . I can have this for days , then one day I feel great . I hate it with a passion and this is one symptom that never totally leaves and does come back with a vengeance .

  • Yesssss it's the devil I swear... how long have you had it

  • I would say 25 years without a lie , I'm 52 . Years ago I was taking stemintal lots as the Drs prescribed it fir dizziness , but I wasn't actually really dizzy , just wobbly and lightheaded . Took years and years before I was diagnosed with Panic disorder , health anxiety . Some days I can get through it as it's not that bad , but bad days I can't go into the shops .

  • Is your symptoms 24/7 though

  • When I have it bad yes 24/7

  • Oh and lots of corridors and small rooms make me rock lol not in the good rock and roll 🎸

  • Welcome to my world! This has been a common complaint of mine or symptoms rather for well over 15 years throw in and joint pain, fatigue and tingling and numbness of the extremities and there you have it. Of course there are many straightforward things we can do to stop the intensityof these symptoms, no alcohol one coffee a day eating balanced meals exercising hydration and good old fashion positive thinking !

  • Have you been tested for Lyme disease

  • Thank you for asking. Yes I have, twice in the last 3 years. I live in Central Ontario Canada. it's not terribly uncommon to be around ticks when out in the bush.

  • It's all anxiety related and the dizziness you feel is the large amount of adrenaline in your body. I am reading a good book Anxiety panicking about panic which explains it very well - it's by Joshua fletcher. Anxiety causes so many physical symptoms we start to obsess over them everyday. Have you had any cbt, counselling? X

  • GABA chewables are what they made benzo's like Valium to imitate. It's gamma amino buteric acid. I got that close to the right spelling. It's an amino acid and a a neurotransmitter.

    They sell them at the vitamin shoppe

  • Tense neck. Ask someone to squeeze your neck tightly while massaging it including the very top of your neck. Ice it too

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