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So after trying countless meds the only thing that has worked for me has been a benzo. I take a max of .5 Klonopin every other day. Some days .25. I'm starting therapy and hoping not to be on them too long. Any success stories of anyone taking these then successfully weaning?

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I have been taking Klonopin for anxiety for some time now.. The Dr. also always tried to give me an anti depressant with it. Unfortunate this combination never seemed to work and often made matters worse. Klonopin left me in a grey somewhat depressed state. Finally he prescribed 10 mg of Lexipro twice a day. I was still on 1mg Klonopin 4 times per day Taking the Lexipro took that depressed feeling from me the Klonopin gave me even though the Klonopin did work to relieve my anxiety. I feel much more normal taking the two meds.

Ok thank you for replying! Have you had to increase how much Klonopin you take? I think part of me is worried I'll start building up a tolerance to it.

I have been taking Klonopin for over a year now. I do break the pills into 1/2 sometimes. I have a prescription for 4 - 1mg per day. I take a full one in the morning and a full one at bedtime. During the day I take 1/2 as needed. I seldom use the full 8 - 1/2 pill. They are still working fine for me. Staggering my dose over the day may be the reason they are still helping me. Taking the full one in the morning breaks my wake up anxiety and the night dose helps me sleep. They are still working except for an occasional day.


All I can say is be very careful to only use benzos short term. Both from my own personal experience and from my job as a volunteer at a drug rehab center I can really recommend that you don't stay on them for long.

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I"m definitely trying. I'm a single mom and some days it's the only way I can function and work :( I hate the fact that anti-depressants make me worse.

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