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Fear of dying


I have health anxiety about fear of death and getting ill it consumes my life every day and recommendations on books or advice

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Yup. Me too. Truly hard. But you are doing it and are heroic.

Thank you

Hi, I have recently purchased this from Amazon .. have not started it yet: ‘Overcoming Health Anxiety’ by Rob Willson and David Veale.

Has great reviews.

Your not alone with this fear.

Yes I want to get this book

This post might give yous some ideas


or help you understand a little more what is going on which can help with finding a solution.

I find that mindfulness meditation works for me - there are lots of resources out there - but it isn't a solution that works for everyone

Yes i too struggle with this fear, but according to the bible we are absent from the body and present with the Lord. All you have to do is believe the son of God died for your sins and that his blood washes them away and sets us free. I know a lot of people don't believe in God but if you read the bible and look around the world, prophecy is unfolding. Read ezekiel 38-39. It speaks of the wars that are currently in the process of taking place. Iraq and Israel India, china, north Korea, South Korea and Russia. There names are not in the bible but it is referring to those places. I sometimes have doubt as a Christian but i know God's word is real. I have witnessed the power of God. I know exactly how you feel though as I'm in the same boat, and if you need someone to talk to I'll be happy to help.

Thank you so much I do believe that the end is near and God is coming I just hope that I am worthy enough to go to heaven and that there is a heaven and that I’m not a perfect Christian My total fear is when I die where will I go

No man deserves heaven. That is why God came in the flesh to redeem us. If you confess to God that you are a sinner and that you need a savior and you accept his free gift of salvation. You will be saved and you will go to heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9 says it is by grace we are save lest any man should boast. You have so many people believing their works will either get them to heaven or they believe thats the only way. They believe its jesus and you but that isn't true. Read romans 4 i think, don't quote me but it will tell you that if a man worketh not which means if he doesn't stop sinning he is still justified by. Believing in christ. The thief on the cross knew he didnt deserve heaven but his faith i christ allowed him entry. Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise. Our souls are saved but the body isnt so we have to refrain from sin to preserve the body. But that doesnt mean you'll be perfect. God is still working on me. And if anyone tells you that they do not sin they are a liar. Paul said there is no good in him. And when you are saved there is a spiritual circumcision that takes place in which your soul is separate from your body of sins. So the body may die in sin but your soul is saved. Jesus paid it all. You have to believe and trust that. If you have any questions I'll be happy to help you. I still struggle myself and am not perfect but i have testimonies i could share with you. That could maybe strengthen your faith as well. I'm going to pray for you. God bless and no judgment here. Believe me i have stories. Im far from perfect but God has been good to me. You can contact me privately on here. I'm not sure how though lol.

You may have to click on my icon or something

Why does god have it so easy? I've suffered my whole life and I easily would've chosen to be crucified rather than live like I have. He doesnt have to blindly believe in something that theres no proof of. He just sits back and watches us squirm to figure out what's going on. He sounds more like a tyrannical dictator than a loving god.

You know as a Christian i must admit i have had your feelings too. These trials can be much. But remember how Jesus died? He didn't deserve it and that was Gods own child. He suffered for us. They stripped him naked spit on him and treated him so bad. This was something he never knew before becoming human. I understand what you mean my friend but did you know God cries when you cry. It is the enemy who hates us and trees God allows it but he has a good reason. I don't understand either my friend. I get mad too but i do know He loves you so much.

Hey if you need to talk I'm here. We can rant together but i know he loves you

I was saved when I was 13 but with my anxiety being so bad for the last six years I guess it’s pushed me away from God and I need to try to get back thank you so much for replying back to me

No problem! I struggle too you're not alone in this. It's hard out here in the world today.

Hi Christine,

I have a sister who’s afraid something bad will happen to her health. Because of too much worrying she lost her appetite, lost a lot of weight and was not able to sleep well. Going to work was a struggle for her. She went to a doctor for a check-up and she was diagnosed with anxiety. I was sad when I knew that my sister was going through that. I send her messages and we talk about anything just to let her know that she’s not alone.

I encouraged her to volunteer though at first it was hard for her but thankfully she was able to do it. She also has dogs, everyday she walks them and I can see that it’s helping her to improve her mood.

I’m glad you reached out. We are here for each other. I hope you will find comfort here. You can also talk to someone you can trust. I hope journaling will work for you, it’s like talking to a friend. Try to do things you will enjoy. Please stay strong. God bless.

I was saved when I was 13 but with my anxiety being so bad for the last six years I guess it’s pushed me away from God and I need to try to get back thank you so much for replying back to me

I was saved as well when I was young and have always believed in God but lately I have been doubting God and have this horrific fear of dying now because of it. I'm starting CHristian therapy today but I have no idea how I'm going to overcome this and get my faith back. It's so hard when we can't actually see God. The only thing that helps me get through most days is taking a little bit of Klonopin. I have a family that i have to take care of but am consumed by this terror as well.

I know I wish we could see where we would go after we die

I know what you mean. I think about that too.

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