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Anxiety with sleep trouble


Has anyone in the past or present struggle with sleep from dealing with anxiety like I think I’m sleep deprived my mind hasn’t really gotten any good rest and I’m starting to suffer with extreme dizziness .

I have also had the fear of going to sleep because I haven’t been getting in good night rest so I dread going to sleep


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Hello :-)

Having sleep issues and anxiety is so common and in the past and even sometimes now I have this problem and when we don't get a good nights sleep our anxiety and thinking is worse as we are sleep deprived

Try going on You tube and putting in deep relaxation for anxiety

There are so many different relaxation techniques on there after a while they do help

If it continues talk to your Doctor but now you are not alone , lot's of us have had the same problem but it does get better :-)

Take Care x

I appear to sleep all the time, too much arguably. It looks like I get my 8hrs at night then I 'nap' for 1-3hrs during the day. I'm always tired. I take promethazine to help me sleep, without it I cant sleep I've tried, I've even tried to cut my dose. I dream THE most vivid dreams, like I unless you have experienced it you cant begin to understand, my CPN just brushes it away. Its like I've been watching and been mentally and sometimes physically involved in a film. I have tried to punch my husband a few times. So as you can imagine I wake up exhausted, proper exhaustion I'm having to drag myself around exhausted and try not to drop off at the earliest opportunity.

When I was in hospital, not so much now I really struggled with sleep anxiety, that just drifting off and that jolt of reality going wtf you doing you can sleep its not safe. I found sleep sound track on spotify helped or story tapes/downloads or tbh the promethazine is pretty good. I'm reassured by psychiatrists that its not addictive and doesnt cause the struggles I've discussed.

But if your looking for none medicated ways to sleep set a good evening routine, be prepared for the next day, relaxation session or music etc and dont think about sleep, if you've been awake too long get up and go downstairs, have a drink and start again.

I was currently prescribed hydroxiyzine by my psychiatrist for sleep I think I I’m gonna give in a take it I took it before . I have crazy vivid dreams which caused me to start having the stupid anxiety .

Some night I get maybe 4-6 hours of sleep

Once I dream I wake up looking crazy and don’t sleep the rest of the day but I’m gonna try to nap 1-2 hours for the day because I’m so behind on rest wine really does help I’m gonna try .

How long did you struggle with sleep anxiety ? Mine been for 4 weeks now and I just want rest at this point 😩😩

Hi :)

Yes I have anxiety and panic disorder and I have been finding it really difficult to sleep too. I find myself napping through the day as I am so tired. I never have dreams anymore either which I find strange!

BUT I have forced myself into a routine which has helped me. It’s still not perfect but it is better. I make sure I read a book on a night time even just for half an hour, rather than scrolling through my phone and making my anxiety worse, I switch off more if I read a book. I spray my pillow with lavender relaxation spray and I have downloaded an app called Soundscapes. I put that on when I finally become tired and it seems to get me to sleep better! Might not work for everyone but it is helping me so thought I would share.

Hope things get better for you soon! Take care X

Have you spoken to your GP about the insomnia? You are not alone. It can be common with anxiety and very debilitating but there are some good meds now such as Zopiclone that will more than likely help you get some good sleep, if only for a few nights (they are addictive if taken for longer periods). I also try and turn off screens half hour before bed. Sometimes I also try meditation which can also help, such as listening to guided meditation, even when in bed. It can be very relaxing. You can also get more advice and support from Anxiety UK.

I talk to my psychiatrist he wants to put me on meds to sleep better . And wants me to come back in 2 weeks and see if that works . Half of the time I’m sleep I’m dreaming so I’m kind of awake and that doesn’t help me to sleep well .

Which causes me anxiety around sleep time I think I should just look pass the dreaming part .

I have trouble, I never go to bed, I feel the need to sleep on sofa and have ipad or phone playing something. I fear sleep but I know I need it. I can be up till 4 or 5 in the morning, then eventually fall asleep, and not wake till about 11 am. My anxiety causes a fear of going to bed and just laying in the dark, I dunno, its mad, but then so am i, lol. But its definitely an anxiety issue, and I realy dont know why I just cannot go to bed every night, like a normal person.

Naenasmommy in reply to Equinoxe

I nodded off yday at 7:00pm I got up at 7am this morning 😩😩

But it definitely was not all good rest I was dreaming half the time . Woke up I still was sleep I have to force myself to stay awake .

But I definitely fear going to bed because I won’t get a good a night rest and then I fear being unconscious for so long lol it’s bad

I use to love going to bed , now I just feel so off balanced dizzy like I’m tilting body aches body sore I just feel way older than 27 it’s bad but you can write me sometimes

Hello, I, as many of us on here in the replies, deal with anxiety especially at night time when it’s time to stop moving and lay low. When you are at your stillest, calmest point of the day you will feel your body, different ticks-sounds and so on. Your mind will appear to keep going as you are anxious but laying still in a bed. We have all been there. It comes down to you, the individual, to continue to brainstorm ways to achieve the RIGHT approach to sleep. Our days are busy, stressful even more so now than ever. Here’s a tip that I find useful- exercise. Now I’m not going to get into what style/type you should do because each of us are different however; me for example: I run, I jog each day- at least I try to. I find that by dedicating time to myself to get out and listen to music/podcast in the fresh air, once completed- helps me feel as if I have achieved a peaceful place in my mind not to mention how I have exercised and helped other facets in my body. When night time rolls around you stay POSITIVE about sleep. Don’t even think about WHEN you’ll fall asleep, begin to lean into it read, keep good clear thoughts watch a show you enjoy, and in return after combining all of that you have had a fulfilled day and your body will be ready for rest. I hope this helps. Deep breathes, you are not alone.


I’ve been dealing with the same thing. It’s 4am and I’m sure I won’t be falling asleep anytime soon. I have been feeling horrible and dizzy during the day as well because I can never sleep at night anymore... around noon, I get really tired and take a 3-4 hour nap and waste the whole day :(

Naenasmommy in reply to Hidden

Omg that’s horrible, nothing has truly helped me but because I’m use to sleeping at night I at least attempt to sleep by 12am my body can’t fight it I tried so long .

Once your body is tired you won’t be able to stop the sleep lol during the day I can but not night .

Last night I listened to guided meditation music it helped a bit to relax my fear of falling asleep was still there .

You are not alone. My sleep is very shallow, no REM cycle, racing brain. I think of everything awful as soon as my head hits the pillow. On top of which I have landlords who make a lot of noise slamming things on the other side of my wall at midnight and again at 5am (they blame the water heater). One thing I tried that actually works is a Sharper Image Fast Asleep sleep light. It's a tiny thing that puts light on your ceiling that you breathe in and out to for 20 minutes until you fall asleep at which point it shuts off by itself. Breathing seems to very much affect sleep.

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