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Sense of fear


Has anyone gotten a sense of fear, maybe panic mixed in, as you would if you where to receive bad news or be involved in a tragic occurrence? I feel like something horrible is about to happen or happening to a loved one and in that fear the horrible is happening to me in my mind and body. So I’m doing this to myself I guess in a way. I’m praying about it. I’m trying to shake it, figure this out, and I’m thinking it’s from anxiety depression bipolar. My mood is up and down mostly anxiousness. The fear started about a week ago. Can anyone relate? I get triggered easily so it’s hard to watch shows but I have been using shows as one distraction to help me and it works to some extent. Any suggestions?

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Yes, it happens to me. You are not alone


This happens to me also but one time a medication I was taking made it worse. Luckily my doctor realized it was the medication. Hope this passes for you quickly.. It is really tiff feeling like that.

Hi Lostmyself! It’s scary right?! I keep telling myself it's a feeling and no actual danger but it’s strong and the feeling is still a real feeling.

Thanks for the info. I recently went up in a medication so I’ll have to look up the side effects.

It sounds like my OCD. When a fear grips me about someone or something I try to fight it with rituals. I’ve had this since I was 10. Now I’m 63! Oh boy

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Oh good point I didn’t think of fear stemming from ocd.

It has happened to me so many times I've lost count. When it does I try to do a spa night, watch something funny on TV or a movie that's a comedy. I keep telling myself over and over that I am ok. I also call or text my loved ones if I haven't seen or spoken to them recently. Just something like have a good day at work. Love you. Usually I get a response and that is my way of knowing they are ok. It's hard to shake that feeling. Good luck.

Thanks for sharing!!! Those sound good things in combating fear.

I hope they help. Having strong feelings of fear and impending doom are draining.

Yes I have. It's worry, anxiety, and panic. It's all the same. The worry gets so bad that it escalates. I know exactly what you're saying. It's not crazy it's just anxiety in a different form.

Luv ya!😘


😘 glad my friends here understand me but wish you didn’t go through it too, it’s horrible ... it turns itself off and on and I don’t think it’s always according to what I think of, the feelings rush in and hit me.

Yes of course we understand silly!😃

Oh I get caught in anxiety & it comes out of nowhere each time. For me nowadays if Im in a nervous situation it pops up for instance I went to the dentist today & I got anxious I almost ran out of there. I just kept on worrying & thinking. I knew how to stop it but still it stinks. It's very uncomfortable.

No cavities today though! Woohoo. Go me! 🤣

It’s different than regular anxiety or worry though, right? I wish I could explain....... well it’s like feeling doom is upon us, yes?

Good job at the dentist!!!!

Well yes doom is panic so it's the next step after anxiety. It goes worry anxiety doom or panic. Same thing. It all stems from the same thing.

Thank u!!lol

Makes sense 😆 🙃

What did you do to stop it?

Nothing that I can tell... it found its way out...

I’m 51 and it happens to me, mainly when I first wake up in the morning. I’ve developed some good techniques to deal with it as time as gone on along with medication.

What techniques work for you?

I try to not look for what is causing the feeling because that makes it worse. I focus on the ‘right now’ ie just getting out of bed and having a shower. Occasional use of adrenaline blockers has helped. Would also recommend reading ‘Them Power of Now’ by Eckart Tolle.

Thank you, yes I have heard mindfulness and being in the present can be very helpful. I'm glad it works for you, that is encouraging, I too tend to get 'dread' more on awakening but also throughout the day.

yes actually had this today i was just waiting and i was ok now im in panic mode an freaking out

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Hi there it sounds alot like Anxiety perhaps with panic attacks.

I would strongly recommend a book called Hope and Help for your nerves by Claire Weekes.

It helped me alot when I was going through similar.

The book is old, alot of the language is a bit dated but this woman was one of the pioneers in the field of anxiety and I'm sure it will give you some clarity and reassurance.

Good luck.

Yes I get a horrible dread I am going to be killed whenever I am outside of my flat. The longer I am outside the worse the fear! I honestly feel that there is an evil presence around me or following me, Yet I know it's not there because I am evil. I don't know how I know that but I know it ! I get so bad I have panic attacks (feels like my chest is going to explore the pain has been that bad I have collapsed, ambulance's have been called then I end up in hospital) I don't know if that's what has caused my Angina ? I have tried many things to try to stop the attacks like escaping to a place in my mind where I feel safe and it's peaceful, unfortunately it doesn't work anymore ! You are not alone,not the only one! I am sure many here will recognise your situation ! I wish you luck in the future I know it can be beaten without medication , I know someone who used to also have them before I knew him and he very rarely gets the horrible feelings of dread ,he went to a therapy group unfortunately I don't like being around People ! I am only just getting my faith back in humanity.

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I wish you the best. I hear ya it’s hard to be around people, I get triggered easily. Let’s let each other know what ends up helping the feelings of doom. Have a beautiful day

Impending doom. It's a diabolical symptom of anxiety, and one that has dogged me increasingly over the last 50 years. I started drinking to try to self-medicate, but after 40 years semi-drunk I realised that whilst the hazy evenings were less anxious, conversely the mornings saw the fear catching up, and all the anxiety that was masked during the previous evening's boozing was now letting rip. Hangovers became an absolute nightmare. At AA they call it simply 'The Fear', and it seems to start off the drinking patterns of a great many alcoholics.

I was told by a therapist that the fear is connected with unused adrenalin - the fight or flight response, and exercise would help reduce its effect by burning up the adrenalin.

I was advised to be careful though, because whilst exercising as one would in fleeing a predator (the adrenalin was being prepared by the body for that purpose) tends to utilise this adrenalin, one should avoid teaching the body that that is the only way to disperse the adrenalin, or your system would be more likely to persistently get a pile of the stuff ready.

Much as I don't like them, I ended up taking antidepressants for anxiety and depression, and have to say my first experience of them was marvellous - the anxiety completely disappeared, and so the fear went away. I remember lying on my bed just basking blissfully in a total lack of any fear or trepidation. Sadly it only lasted a few days, but apparently heroin addicts understand that feeling, and it seems a lot of these poor folk who get addicted to it do so through anxiety and the need to relieve it.

After 35 years on various A/Ds they seem to have become intolerable to my system, but I do recall having had some lovely, fear-free times on them.

I'm told that caffeine, especially in coffee, is a terrible enemy of the anxiety sufferer, and I have had good results from steering clear of it.

Also, don't get hungry, as that sets the adrenalin surging, presumably readying the body to go hunting prey. Notice how you feel dozy after a meal, but not when you're hungry. Apparently those suffering romantic rejection, who avoid eating properly for weeks, make their despair worse as simply eating would reduce the effects of the adrenalin, much as your mind is telling you that you definitely couldn't eat a thing.

I hope some of my observations help a little bit.

So interesting and helpful Donkey!

Hi Starrlight, I know EXACTLY how you feel, truly I do, you’re not alone hunny.

The only way I could describe to my Psychiatrist and my partner was to tell them that my anxiety makes me feel, 99% of the time, that someone has a gun to my head and is about to shoot..... no matter what I do or what people tell me, I just can’t “shake off” the feeling. I’ve learnt it’s better to not fight it, I’ve accepted it’s a part of me, which makes a little easier to live with.

I wish you the best, you’ll be in my thoughts, I’m on here if you need to talk to someone.... 💜xx

Thanks Warrior yeah I can see how not fighting could work

Hi there,

You are not alone on this. It’s a symptom of severe anxiety. I’ve experienced it as well. I’ve always been cycling everywhere but when I was at my worst anxiety and depression wise - every time a larger vehicle passed me I could see and sense myself go under the wheels. I could taste blood in my mouth and I could see my limbs scattered around. It was SO uncomfortable! I used to like scary films as well - but as another symptom I got really jumpy and could no longer watch ANYTHING that had scary elements in it. It would literally cause my physical and emotional pain. With time, therapy and meds I’m now in control of it. You’re not alone on this. Feel better soon! X

Thank you for your insight Malouibiui

Yeah, used to happen to me all the time, I went through several types of anti depressants until I found one that agreed with me.

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I’m glad meds helped you

I actually had a massive panic attack that actually gave me feelings of deep fear for about 2 hours.

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Oh no I’m sorry.

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Are you okay now? Thinking of you.

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Ok now thanks for asking. If you ever need to talk message me on messenger. Or e-mail me.

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Thanks! ❤️

I have lots of fears! Usually leads to depression! My mother was very overprotective as I was a sick kid. She was a wonderful Mom but it has made me very anxious!

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Oh I’m sorry. (((((((Hug))))))) I was sheltered as a kid and I had anxiety in school from day one. I know what you mean, good moms, good intentions, still we end up suffering.

Thanks for reply! I was a sickly child with asthma! Many trips to hospital for shots and couldn’t run outside for P.E! Lost my security when my Dad died when I was 11! Never really grieved so it’s no wonder I am in the shape I am! Am still going though just turned 69!

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I also had asthma so was on steroids and had allergy shots. I was lucky though I still played soccer, my passion. I wish I had passion now.

I’m so sorry for the great loss of your dad. You are strong. Keep it up, beautiful.

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