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Anxiety and Stomach

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Hello all,

So I have had Anxiety since 2009 and was only on meds for about a year. I’ve have also had a health fear from Heart Attacks to brain tumor. I am 33 years old around 209 pounds. Recently I had changed my diet to improve my lifestyle I have a 3 year old daughter I would love to see grow. So I was skipping dinner and eating oats eggs whites in the AM and for lunch Yucas and grilled chicken, whatever the case one day I drank lemon water at work and started to hear lots of gas coming from my right side. I did not think of it as much until the next day I ate and it continued I last 4 days with that and one day I could not even sleep. It was loud trembling and growling noises I tried gas x and anything that would help and nada. So my Anxiety went from 50-100 I went to doctor in which he did a routine check and said my stomach sounds normal and put me on a high fiber diet in which I religiously follow The noises are still there not as intense but they happen and sometimes relax with water. Of course at this point my nerves my thoughts are all cancer my stool has been constipation and sometimes it shots straight out. Yesterday I had diarrhea but in the AM back to constipation which I’m not sure if it’s just me at this point since I can’t remember when to use the bathroom I just go to see if I am better. I have no abdominal pain. And also no bloody stool or blood anywhere when I clean it’s just sort of yellowish. But I am so nervous and scared that now nausea is setting in I don’t have motivation and I am driving my life insane including my wife’s and mom. Anyone can help or give advice or had something similar I do have a doc appt August 7 which seem like an eternity. Thank you all. :(

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Hi Stan,

Ask your dr if you can get an colonoscopy and endoscopy. (So they can look inside your tummy and bowel) That way you can be reassured that there’s nothing wrong, or if there is something get it treated. It could just be anxiety making you feel so poorly, it does awful things to us.

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Stan1986 in reply to Amz1987

My brain is stuck on cancer

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Amz1987 in reply to Stan1986

My father in law was just diagnosed with stomach cancer, it was found during endoscopy. He has been very sick since December last year finally answers after endoscopy.

I also have a friend who had bowel cancer ( was only 34 when diagnosed) again found through colonoscopy. His only symptom was blood in stool, which 1st dr dismissed and said he was probably staining too hard when going number 2. Still bloody stools after using stool softener etc and got a 2nd opinion. He was lucky to catch it early and only moved to one lymph node. Surgery and 6 rounds of chemo and he’s all clear.

So I would still insist on getting further testing so you can know either way.

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Stan1986 in reply to Amz1987

Yes my stool has not been bloody at all kinda of like a light brown but I’ve had in and out diarrhea and constipation and just non stop stomach growls. No pains either.

Hi Stan,

That must be very difficult for you. I had similar symptoms when I was younger, and was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

It can be made worse by stress, and I was told by my doctor that my diet may be causing some symptoms because it was too high in fibre.

I'm not be any means suggesting that you go against your doctor's advice regarding your recommended high fibre diet. I'd say just to pop back and see him, and tell him what you said here. Any drastic changes to diet can cause some upheaval in your digestive system, so it may just be your body adjusting, but you clearly need to see a doctor for your peace of mind.

I hope things go well.

So yesterday from reading old forum and joining this group with all you beautiful people I went ahead and bought paper mint oil and along with probiotics took the pills and had no symptoms of course I got 0 hours of sleep waiting on it. As of now 6:43am (eastern) I have a bit of a growl coming in from my bottom right. But def better then it has been. But will miss work from lack of 0 sleep :)

Please be careful with essential oils as they aren't all okay to take internally.

I think that you're in a bit of a viscous circle with the gastric symptoms, insomnia and anxiety all exacerbating each other.

If you find that the natural remedies aren't enough, please revisit your doctor Stan. Good luck though, hopefully it'll give you enough relief to get some sleep and break the cycle. :-)

The though of cancer is just racing my mind I’ve listed a few pounds to from 212-204 but I have been eating well for last 3 weeks and skipping dinner maybe is that but we all know people like us will think the worst first

Its easy to think the worst, what ever you do, don't look through Google for symptoms! It's a very good way to convince yourself that you have every deadly disease going!

There's nothing wrong with being aware of your health, but once it starts taking over, that's the time to reach out.

That was my biggest mistake. Now I go to bathroom in hopes that something comes out even with no sensation. I know I’m trying to force myself.

That's another viscous circle- straining, getting piles, seeing blood from them, worrying more...

The thing is, even when you know what's going on, and you seem to have a good understanding of your anxiety, it doesn't really help.

Have you thought about CBT? It sounds like you need to get the anxiety under control first so you can deal with the underlying reasons for it.

I am going to do everything it takes at this point. Funny thing is I have yet to notice blood and even so on toilet paper either I have no aches around my left side and the growling has not been there at all since taking probiotics and peppermint oil at this point I am worried why I don’t pass my bowls

If you need to, take a mild laxative, maybe prune juice (it tastes manky but it does work!), or sennacot.

Maybe the oil and probiotics have done the trick and you just need to regulate your bowels.

Took your advice on prune juice I would say I drank about 8oz and boom 2hours later diarrhea is that normal. I did eat today. And no blood on the diarrhea either.

It sounds normal to me! Remember that although for some people it's normal to go once or twice a day, this can vary hugely from person to person. Some people only go once every two or three days.

I'm glad there was no blood, hopefully that's set your mind at rest. Try not to get into the habit of using any laxative, even a natural one, all the time. Your body needs to get back into its natural pattern.

Just came to doctor again they reassured me is normal with the bubbling and gurgling and just want me to eat morebalanced to keep my intestines working.

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