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Using Buspar for Hashimoto Anxiety. Any luck anyone?


I have Hashimoto and my anxiety level is very high and staring to give me depression. I am scare of the SSRI which gave me really bad feelings. Anyone with Hashimoto how tried Buspar?

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Jauge, it is always best for you to be the great observer of your life and your symptoms. This drug may or may not be right for you at this time, and trust your doc to help you get to a good place and feel good.

Hashmitos has tons of info on the net and if you have time, research this. Most of this dis-ease of the thyroid can be addressed with diet too!

Trust yourself.

Jauge in reply to Indigojoe

Thank you!

Dhcnsjcn21 in reply to Jauge

I have had Hoshimotos for 25 years and never found diet can help with my body actually attacking my thyroid. I would make sure your levels are in normal range before trying medication. I find when my levels are out of wack my depression and anxiety are horrible. I have tried lexapro which is an SSRI and did not react well. I have met others that Buspar and Prozac worked for them. It is the worst feeling in the world and I feel your struggle. I found the magnesium powder “Calm” you can buy on amazon helps when my anxiety is out of control. It won’t hurt you it’s just magnesium. I hope you figure out what works for you and you feel better. definitely check in with you endo for some blood work. My levels swing from when end to the other in a matter of weeks.

Jauge in reply to Dhcnsjcn21

Thanks !

Dixie9326 in reply to Jauge

I replied to this post yesterday and don’t see it! Do you delete when the answer isnt what you want to hear?? Very curious as I took some time to write it and feel like it was wasted ...?

I don't have Hashimotos but I was taking Buspar for anxiety disorder. I was also taking Zoloft and the Buspar was added to enhance the anti-anxiety effects of the Zoloft. What I found when taking it was that it did not eliminate my anxiety but reduced it some. It also took time for it to take effect, up to a couple of weeks and if I made a change it also took time to make an effect. It took learning to accept my anxiety and not fear the thoughts and feelings of it to start making a difference.

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