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Agraphobia and panic

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Hi I went to the hairdressers yesterday , got a cab there and back . But feel worse than ever today, I did find it terribly hard going and sitting there for a couple of hours. But now I feel worse than ever , I think I should have waited but I have been been indoors for eight weeks , with anxiety and panic, I hope I haven’t ruined myself and have gone back to square I please reply will these feelings pass , I want go out for a few days and paradise again. I should have waited for someone to go with me, but I didn’t have anybody as my husband is ill again. And in bed.. is this normal with just doing something you are frightened of. Thanks

17 Replies
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Good job!! You went out and did something that you thought you couldn’t!! Seriously what you did takes a lot!! It is completely normal to feel worse after doing something that scares you, the good news’ll get easier each time you do it!

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Thanks for that , but I feel sort of weird today and the anxiety is still high , racing etc , I was panicky this morning getting up at 6oclock with the usual knot in stomach and nausea. Tried to sleep this afternoon but couldn’t . It was a nightmare in the hairdressers. Body twitching couldn’t relax , couldn’t walk down there it’s not far, my legs keep giving out. Hope I feel better in the next few days. I might not go out for a while. Or should I

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even Clair Weeks says we can take a tranquilizer for these things.

NO suffering.............

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Well done that you made the effort and kept on top of fear you should be proud of yourself 😘xx

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Pat thanks for that , it was a nightmare . I don’t for the life of me where I got the guts , I kept looking at my hair,and thought ,I will do what Claire Weekes says in her books face the fear , my husband said wait till you feel better , and I said when will that be. I am going. 2 hours of panic mode , I couldn’t even function. , I don’t think people understand what anxiety does . I keep getting twitches and jolts , could sit still in the chair, the things us women having to do . To look alright. When I go to the sink I just had to cry a bit, as I had been holding on to myself for hours , thanks for the support.

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people with anxiety have more courage and are stronger than anybody else.

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you did the right thing the amount of times in my life I have dug Dr Weekes books out and kept her words in my head while doing things is massive, but she has got me through my 70 yrs so far I am not saying I go easily now but when the old messages of fear start up I replace with her words which are now engrained in my mind. You did amazingly well and if you did this while feeling bad then you should really applaud yourself as that takes some courage hun xxx

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YOU did a great job.

Accept that you hate the process of the hairdresser, and it is OK to not like going. BUT you wanted to freshen yourself up and you did that.

GET up and get out of bed.

Fresh shower, and do your hair and be happy today.

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Well done for going even though you felt so anxious and panicked 😊. It does take it out of you and it’s normal to feel worse afterwards. Do keep trying to get out and do things, it does get easier

Thanks to you all for your support but I feel I am worse than ever felt nauseous this morning , tearful with panic after panic , want to lay down but have son and granddaughters coming round, maybe I thought I was the big I am and went with no tablet just some rescue remedy, and resensitized myself , maybe I should take it easy for a few days , feel a bit bewildered , no one understands only people with this horrible thing, I don’t feel proud I feel I have put myself back to suffering. Sorry if I sound negative , but this is so hard.. should have done shorts walks first , with company. But it’s done now so I have to carry on , and think positive. Sometimes I think Claire Weekes is talking about someone else . As I do read and read her books and cassettes and I think I have given up today.

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When you are feeling back to normal (not in a panic state of mind) go out again alone to the store or Walmart even if you come home nervous. Keep doing it as I did and you will start to feel like it is a habit to go out by yourself and the nervous panic will finally be eased up. That is how I coped and I do still avoid going out when I feel nervous or panicky but the days I don't feel bad I go out and I am getting out more than ever.

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Thanks for that , I haven’t felt normal for 2 months , I have panic every day , and low anxiety , in between , so I am waiting now to see how I feel in a few days time , I can’t go out on my own, what I mean I can’t walk on my own , I went to the hairdressers in a cab, I feel worse today , but thanks I will go out again , in Claire Weekes books she says you never loose what you have gained , so I will hang on to that , and practice , never test.

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Just checking to see how you are doing with getting out more or not ? I know it is so so hard to deal with at times especially around this time of year. Don't push yourself because it only causes anticipating anxiety but make a time when you wake up and feel good to go out and venture. I wish you the best as I know exactly what you are dealing with.

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sweetheart, I think you are panicking about panicking more than anything.

Some days are good some days are bad, don't let this one incident make you feel worse. Relaxing at a coffee shop and people watching, striking up conversations, can help on bad days. Every day is a gift, so use it accordingly :)

How's your hair? Did it turn out the way you wanted?

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Thanks to everyone thst replied . I just wanted the roots done, and I was so nervous with a ton of hair dye on, knowing I was now having to stay in the shop ,,,, no escape So I was trying to relax , but couldn’t as my body was twitching and jolting, but yes it looks better than it did . Thanks.

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Happy for you. I was the same way last week I decided to get out again. It’s hard but I have been gradually going places by myself. I feel weak when I go in panicked and feeling faint but I call my daughter and just talk for a little cry alittle and then happy a little it’s takes time but just do it

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You did good by going out, now that’s just my opinion, and situations sometimes get worse before better, but you will be ok, and maybe you need to take baby steps before you just go all the way. I also have agoraphobia, panic attacks, etc...

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