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Muscle spasms constant.. please give me hope

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Hi everyone,

I had a cancer scare 2 months ago.. i just got the results yesterday and praise Jesus I’m cancer free.. but since new problems have arose. The anxiety was so intense I started having muscle spasms constantly. My doctor initially said it was anxiety related but I insisted on seeing a neurologist. I’ve convinced myself I have MS (like I convinced myself I have cancer). Can anyone help me calm my nerves and tell me this is anxiety related or they experienced this also?

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Hi.. where are your spasms? I’ve been having a lot of stress and in March I had a weird sensation in my stomach to my chest. I thought I was dying. I had all tests of heart and stomach and all is normal. I think for me the chronic stress was in the pit of my stomach and was so tight for so long that I had to be having spasms. They have lessened but I still scare myself into thinking something is wrong with my heart.. I understand the constant fear and worry.. about something being terribly wrong..

I have them everywhere. I am tired of worrying. All test have come out clear. But now I’m stuck in this... although I’m feeling much more optimistic after reading both post. Whenever I talk about spasms people get weirded out and it scares me

Hello clopez1514. There is a post on my page about my muscle spasms and an ALS scare I had. You can read it if you want but I’ll give a summary. I began having weird sensations in my hands and at times, my left ring and pinky finger would curl up. I was terrified and my doctor referred me to a neurologist. She ordered an MRI and an EMG to rule out all serious things. The 2 week wait for the EMG was hands down on the top list of worst experiences of my life. I cried constantly. My muscles felt weak. I began having spasms. I was dropping stuff, felt like I was walking weird, couldn’t talk correctly. Every symptom of ALS I had. Except that I really didn’t because the second she told me my EMG and MRI looked 100% normal (ruling out all the big neurological diseases), every single symptom went away. I still have on and off weakness in my hands as well as muscle spasms but I’ve kind of learned what’s causing them. For muscle spasms, they get really bad on the days that I’ve been hyperventilating or holding my breath. I attribute this to the fact that when I do either of those two things, my muscles aren’t getting enough oxygen and can’t function correctly. The spasms are also bad when I haven’t been drinking water because again, my muscles aren’t hydrated and can’t function properly. I am also slightly anemic and am deficient in different vitamins like vitamin D. My neurologist told me that she wasn’t worried about my muscle spasms and that I should start taking iron tablets.

Fast forward to around now which is 2-3 weeks since my appointment. The muscle spasms aren’t nearly as severe unless I’m doing any of the things mentioned above or if I’m really anxious. I take iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, as well as a multivitamin daily. I also try to relax my body often because I am always really tense which I think also contributes to the spasms.

Remember, anxiety can really make you believe you have something wrong with you when you don’t. I’ve convinced myself I’ve had esophageal cancer, a brain tumor, a brain aneurysm, ALS, ovarian, vaginal, and cervix cancer, an aortic aneurysm, meningitis, and heart attacks throughout the span of 2 months and all of my symptoms felt so real but I’ve had extensive testing done, and all the tests have come back completely normal. Your mind is a very powerful thing and the more you allow it to control your thoughts, the more it is able to convince you that you have certain illnesses. I think you are fine but if getting checked out is what you have to do then there’s no shame in doing that. Just remember though that anxiety is very very powerful if you allow it to be.

Let me know how the test goes and if you ever want to talk, I’m always here.


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Oh my goodness you are heaven sent. I’ve had an MRI and it’s clear. My spasms began waiting endoscopy and colonoscopy.. two months.

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Vitamin deficiencies..even small ones can REALLY make your body feel some crazy things. The MRI would’ve shown MS so I wouldn’t worry much about it. Spasms are a symptoms of anxiety and it seems that not many people get them but it really isn’t much to worry about.

Definitely see if the vitamins help and also up your potassium intake! These will all help those nerves to calm down and stop sendings crazy impulses that are making your muscles go crazy.

I understand them starting waiting for endoscopy etc. It was the same for me, the fear was so intense.

I do hope you are managing to relax now and let all that fear drain away.

It's such hard work all the time being on edge.

Best Wishes to you x

I am also very low on vitamin D and have started a magnesium supplement Called calm. Maybe I’ll start calcium and my multivitamin again. Thank you so much! This has been great help!

My whole body shakes and muscle spasms when I have heightened anxiety. Your body is dumping epinephrine into your system hence the spasms, shaking ect. If you have had an mri and labs be assured you are ok. Health anxiety is scary and we tend to always think worst case scenario. So we go to many doctors, get every test, google symptoms and then when everything comes out fine, we either don’t believe it or move onto another condition we think we may have. It’s so amazing what the mind can do to the body with anxiety... heart rate raises, blood pressure, headaches, muscle twitching. Also after having a cancer scare I’m sure your anxiety has been greatly increased. I hope you feel better. All the vitamins are probably a great idea as well. Take care of yourself

Thank you very much

Omg. I have been having the same problem for about one month. It is everywhere and I saw a neurologist 2 weeks ago, but still waiting for the test results. I did do a CT scan in January and it’s all normal. I’m so worried now

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clopez1514 in reply to Asdffgj1

What test did you do and on what basis? Just the spasms and pain or more?

Most likely you are spot on by saying “the anxiety was so intense I started having muscle spasms constantly.” Waiting for those tests is super stressful and can mess with your body. Have you tried anything for the spasms? What type are they?

Like you, I recently convinced myself I had stomach cancer due to a slight family history and had a recently endoscopy that showed no cancer (hiatal hernia was the explanation for the feelings I had been having) but now as I wait for another test the dr ordered I’m wondering if I have lymphoma or something else. It’s exhausting! Someone’s advise on here that stuck with me was something like “work on the problem you know you have (the anxiety) before you waste time working on the problem you think you might have (MS, cancer, whatever it might be)”

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clopez1514 in reply to MH504

Thank you so much. Your right.

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