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Stomach problems with anxiety.


I hear my belly grumble all the time and can Feel it moving about been told that it's normal but I'm suffering from anxiety could this lead me to feel it more than normal?

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It is normal to feel stomach churn in anxiety issue,

the more anxious you feel, the more stomach churn you feel!!!

L1994 in reply to cpmydream

Thankyou for your reassurance. It just feels unnatural

cpmydream in reply to L1994

We feel unnatural but it is totally natural!1

Type stomach churn and anxiety in google and you will understand what is the relation between them!!

This will help you manage your anxiety more!!!

cpmydream in reply to cpmydream

If you have health anxiety then beware of google doctor,

that thing you would have read in this forum!!1



Yes it could

So many with anxiety suffer from irritable bowel , digestive problems and so on

It can be due to the stomach muscles been so tense so we do not digest food as we should causing stomach problems

Have you seen your Doctor ?

If not or even if you have ask what they can do to help

Try and eat slowly and chew your food well , also as I suffer with my stomach if I am feeling tense I watch the TV as I am eating this helps to relax me x

L1994 in reply to Hidden

I have lost so much weight as I have lost my appetite and it's depressing me more as I am losing it x

It is okay and try to feel good!!

Stay around positive people! and feel positive!

One advice,

If you dont have health anxiety then googling about your symptoms and understanding how the mind body reacts to anxiety helps so much.

Try to learn why it happens and read anxiety success stories and try to watch youtube video,

those helps so much, because there are so many who have been through this and their experience can help you!!

Not that it will be the instant solution for your problem but that will definitely help!!

Try this and let me know what you will feel about that!!

L1994 in reply to cpmydream

Yeah already looking up how anxiety affects the body what it releases and researching every last bit of it even doing anxiety tests online and it does say I have a large amount of anxiety so this is most likely what is causing all of my problems I lso have been watching funny videos of people on sertraline to brighten up my mood and reading anxiety successful stories :-)

That is good way to start your healing procees, keep it up!!!

and hope you are not having health anxiety while googling!! :D

Yes bit now I have heard about this outbreaks of mers disease and I am convinced I have got it. I panic so much. I am panicking right now

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