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Almost fainting from seeing or hearing triggers


Hey ..everything is kind of ok i guess, im feeling fine not having any severe panic attacks or anxiety, just some irrational thoughts and sometimes a little bit of worrying ..but it comes and goes and its controllable

I keep feeling like im going to faint or my heart will stop whenever i hear or see something graphic or related to an injury or a stroke or high blood pressure, whenever i see a tv show or video about someone having high bp such as 200/120 or smth , or hearing about a friend having a stroke, i just feel dizzy and freaked out like im gonna faint ...any triggger to me such as someone dying or an injury or anything makes me feel like im not ok ..because of the fear and triggers i suffered earlier in the tear where i had blood pressure and health anxiwty, and i got elevated bp and thought i will get a stroke or heart attack and die

Im not finding as much help here like i used to, when i joined i had alot of people to talk to now im lucky if one person answer my posts , i definately appreciate everyones help and understand not everyone here just came to support me and everyone needs to vent and needs help, but i just need the support now because this is a tough time for me and there are things that freak me out

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Hey Bud. You're probably experiencing adrenaline or cortisol surges when you perceive triggers. The good news is that both are short lived - but they are disconcerting when they happen, for sure.

Clarita83 in reply to JAYnLA

Hi JAYnLA. Sorry to interrupt the thread but when you say cortisol or adrenaline surges due to triggers, what does that mean? Does cortisol feel different to adrenaline surge? How does one overcome?

JAYnLA in reply to Clarita83

Hi Clarita. Both Cortisol and Adrenaline are stress hormones and I don't know the difference in how they feel, but I do know that they both cause physical sensations. We don't really overcome our physical response to these hormones. What we can do is learn to not overreact to the physical sensations, thereby causing more hormones to be released, thereby perpetuating the cycle of anxiety.

Kevin160 in reply to JAYnLA true.. thanks though :) ❤️

Hi, I have exactly the same triggers! I won't have BP taken, but worry that it's high. I'm horrified if I see or read any story about these things. I would stop someone, if they started to talk about it. I can't even type or say the other word you have mentioned, beginning with 's'. I have strong aversion to taking any meds, including CBD oil for anxiety. I have been trying to use affirmations e.g. 'I feel calm and relaxed'. My sister did this, repeatedly, for weeks to overcome her fear of flying, and said it worked for her. I try to eat healthily, exercise (at least walk my dogs each day). Just trying anything positive, really.

Kevin160 in reply to veganese

Yes i understand i try to do activities such as walking my dog every day and exercise and eat healthy ...but its still scary sometimes ..i mean just hearing and seeing things related makes me panic

i feel exactly the same and i was never like that ,if anything i used to be really cold and emotionless. i want to know why also.i feel your struggle.

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