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List your anxiety symptoms in the replys... People like me need to be made aware


I've just been made aware today that there are so many more symptoms than I ever realised which I have been convincing myself might be some other health related problem. 🐢 For example IBS bad digestion, chronic fatigue, tight chest, difficulty breathing, pins and needles, tension headaches, dizzy eyes, tender muscles, palpitations, racing heart, bloating, confusion, irrational thoughts, sore skin, rashes, hot skin, flu like symptoms.

That's all I can think of currently. xxx

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My list is soooo long and I’m always thinking that’s something wrong:

-Constantly feeling dizzy and off balance, like I’m walking on a boat

-whole body shaking/trembling/shivering

-can’t sleep

-feeling faint/lightheaded

-fainted X2

-sudden fatigue, abruptly starts

-night sweats

-Chest discomfort and tightness

-constantly feels like someone is stood on my chest/neck

-short of breath - worse with physical exertion and when laying down

-Pain in centre of chest and left side underneath breast and arm

-pulse feels weak occasionally

-acid reflux which brings on painful breathing and swallowing and makes me vomit

-poor circulation?? - cold hands cold feet, tingling in hands and feet, longer than normal cap refill in feet, change in skin colour, nail infection

-Irregular heart beats

-spasm sensation in chest

-Heart beating too slow or too quick


-heart beat in stomach

-Pain in back of both calf’s

-heat in back of right calf

-pain in back of heels

-jaw pain

-tooth pain

-sharp pain in chest and back when inhaling

-sharp shooting pain in chest up centre of neck

-entire rib cage hurts to touch


-slurring speech

-smell things that aren’t there: burning

-Always nauseous

-shooting pains in neck

-everything seems altered: smell, taste, touch

-recurrent mouth ulcers

-entire body feels weak and aches

-upper abdominal pain

-upper abdomen feels very hot to touch

-Lower abdominal pain and bowel discomfort

-upper and lower abdominal bloating/swelling?

-Lower back pain and flank Pain

-lower back, sides and abdo hurt to touch

-tearing sensation from belly button downwards

-urinating a lot

-change in bowel habits

-Diarrhea and constipation

-loud noises coming from stomach/bowels?

-lose sensation in right foot

-both legs feel very weak

-Constantly cold but sweating

-head rush upon standing

-Tired constantly

-Change in period pattern ?

-Shooting pain in left armpit

-Dry mouth or too much saliva

-affecting speech


-dry lips

-bad breath

-throat feels swollen

-difficulty swallowing

-pins and needles in forehead

-fizzing/tingling in forehead

-facial pain

-pain/numbness behind right eye

-whole ride side of face goes numb

-right cheek feels heavy, hard to smile

-twitching in right eye and cheek

-both sides of jaw go numb

-numbness in right side of jaw which spreads down neck

-Lost noticeable amount of weight

-No appetite

-Struggling to finish meals - feeling full all the time

-pain travelling to groin


-Sharp headaches

-blurred vision, seeing stars, tunnel vision

-both arms feel numb/heavy/dead weight

-twitching in left thigh

-shooting pain in left thigh

-arms and legs feel weak

-weakness on one side of body

-tingling in feet

-Pressure in temples

-Pressure in both ears

-Losing hearing in right ear and ringing

-ringing in left ear

-Pain behind both ears

-Left shoulder and arm pain

-Right shoulder and arm pain

-Swollen right collarbone?

-pain in centre of both collarbones

-Pain across top of back

-Shooting pain in arms and hands

-pain In back of hands

-pain in back & sides of neck

-parts of body will randomly go numb

-dripping sensation in face? - like I’m bleeding internally

-legs will randomly go cold regardless of what I’m wearing

-extreme sensitivity in toe on left foot?

-right leg goes completely painful/weak

-outer corner eye pain

-pain in nose and right eye

-Left nostril feels swollen

-Sharp stabbing pain in left nostril

-Sharp pain lower left leg inside facing

-Weakness in left leg and pins and needles in left foot

Oh my god, that's everything! And this is all through anxiety??? 😨😨😨

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we all have different symptoms and often many of them. But some of us are on medication which causes side effects. Then you take something to help with that and this new drug causes side effects. It is very difficult to say which is anxiety induced and which is caused by a drug. I was on Anti depressants which caused more anxiety and a very sore stomach. The burning in the stomach was so bad that I got a proton pump inhibitor to solve the problem m. After 6 months on it I got more palps, cramps etc. I found out that this drug prevents magnesium from being absorbed. I had a magnesium deficiency. This again can give you many different symptoms I have dumped all meds and am on supplements, natural remedies and meditation. Cramps, tingling, and mist of the palos are gone. BTW:the poster above has a very long list of symptoms. Racing heart, low heart rate, extra beats and palpitations. Sry, but palpitations covers all of the heart related ones. So Don t be too scared. Yes, there can be many d ifferent symptoms. But you don t have them at the same time :-) But they re nasty, they change over time

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Well done you. Good luck with your natural meds, supplements and nutrion.

I have had bad muscle tension for so long making me feel unbalanced and in pain. I stopped eating high sugar foods like cake, biscuits chocolate, the difference is incredible, no more aching muscles, in only 10 ish days.

Good luck to you and I hope you continue to feel good xx

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Wow, that is really incredible. Well done! I m on low sugar now and hope for similar positive outcome

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👍 Keep in touch and let me know how you are.

I fought for three long years taking meds, doing physio, hot diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm not a big person, but my solace was cake and biscuits really, so I had been eating a lot... Its been a small miracle.

Just goes to show you what your diet can do to you.... And on the other hand for you!

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I ll definitely keep in touch:-) Keep me posted how it s going for you xx

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👍 xx

Still got a pulse

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WOW! I felt like I could have written most of this. As crazy as it seems, it's anxiety. Been tested every which way but loose and everything fine.....ugh

Wow i didnt realise anxiety can cause such a long list of problems. I've only just started sufferong from anxiety.

Constant fast pulse

Chest pain

Pain in left arm


Shortness of breath

Tunnel vision

Issues with my balance

Ectopic heart beats

oh my god yes! like 90% of what you have written is my life lol it is the worst!!!! Anxiety is the devil!

Do you suffer more after a late night and early morning? Xx

Yup, always as soon as I open my eyes and then it’s ok. Later on in the day I go downhill again! How about you?

I'm exactly the same, do you do anything to relieve the feeling? Xx

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Yep. I can relate to most of them. At least we're not alone in our sufferings!

This is exactly how I feel I thought I was going crazy 😖😭

Wow this sounds exactly like me. It’s so depressing I’m not sure how much longer I can do this. I was completely normal at one time and then this started and I can’t turn it off!

Can't sleep unless medicated, burning in stomach, burning of face, red face, tightness of chest, sometimes a tingle in my head. Before it was intense chest pain shortness of breath. It's evolved a bit. Lisa of appetite also.

TOO many to count 🙃

Anxiety: panic attacks in day or middle of night while, I’m sleeping, chest pain, nautious, dizzy, lefy hand feels like it’s not working, thirsty. Lol fear. Scared. Paranoid. Obsessive. Anxious. Worried about everything and everyone

Heart palps for sure (skips they call PVCs and PACs). Worried about everything and everything like pp said. Head tingling/shooting pain back of head up to forehead. Had chest xray, few ecgs, echo, holter, 30 day heart monitor, head MRI, endoscopy, mole removed all in the last year or so. I need to get out of this head space. Thanks for sharing.

Ok, I know you asked for specific symptoms, but I just started babbling on here so may e some if this will help someone here. My past anxiety symptoms were pretty much covered by what everyone else said. You aren't alone.

True, anxiety can cause all sorts of crazy symptoms. Please note that even though you've been checked by a regular MD, they may have missed some things that could be causing not only some of the symptoms you've listed, but could also be contributing to your anxiety. This was my case.

A DO (Dr of Osteopathic) would be worth a visit or an integrative or holistic doctor.

Here's some examples. After many years of feeling sick and having many of the symptoms you listed, and countless doctors visits who determined anxiety was causing all my issues, I finally found an integrative doctor who determined many of my issues were from food and environmental intolerances. I had a controversial test called the ALCAT test which revealed my specific food intolerances. This is different from food allergies which would be an immediate reaction such as hives. After eliminating these foods some of my symptoms went away. In particular gluten caused a lot of the stomach issues, but also contributed to depression which I haven't had since I eliminated it from my diet.

Another thing to consider is a hormone test. Cortisone, estrogen, progesterone and or testosterone levels may be off. These can cause a lot of physical and emotional upsets. Especially for women during their cycles, but I'm sure it could affect men as well if the balance was off.

Recently I had chest pain, arm pain, upper stomach pain. I was out of town at the time and went to urgi care to do an EKG which showed there were no heart issues. Of course, it caused a lot of anxiety wondering what was happening to me until I was able to see my DO who told me my rib cage was out of alignment. After several adjustments and starting physical therapy for some additional shoulder and arm pain, things are a lot better.

Certainly anxiety can be the main cause all the issues discussed, but sometimes it takes a lot of digging and the right medical team to help you find some actual physical causes. It's all so tightly related as the physical problems cause anxiety and anxiety can cause the physical issues. It's hard to know which came first or if it is only the anxiety causing the issues.

Often, no one thing causes our symptoms. Keep pursuing all avenues to help combat anxiety-

1. MIND-Through meditation, prayer, yoga, mindfulness, relaxation techniques or therapy techniques

2. BODY- Through exercise, enough sleep, fresh air and using products that are not filled with toxins, massage or accupuncture

3.NUTRITION- Making sure you eat lots of fruits and veggies and get a little protein at each meal which can help balance your hormones. (The Mood Cure by Julia Ross ).Cut out fast food, processed food and lots of sugar. Are you intolerant or allergic to foods causing issues

4.HEALTH- Investigate various doctors including integrative, holistic, hormonal and DO

5.FUN- Make sure to incorporate fun into your life whether its reading, friendtimes, a special hobby etc

6.PURPOSE- have a purpose for your life. Even those who are home bound can set daily goals for themselves, accomplishing these goals helps build self esteem which helps combat stress. Even if your goal is just getting out of bed and making the bed, folding the laundry. Focusing on things other than your anxiety is the key. Practice not thinking.

anyone ever hear their heartbeat in their ear?

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Yes, especially if i bend over to pick something up for example.

Tightness in my stomach

Tingling in my fingers and toes

Numbness around my mouth

Sweaty feet




These are just the symptoms I’ve had today.

On any day I can have all of the symptoms previously mentioned.

That’s why it’s so scary, as soon as I convince myself that the sensations I’m feeling are only anxiety they will change to something else.

Such a tricky awful disorder

Hi, I get a wide range of anxiety symptoms too like palpitations, tightness of chest, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, uncontrollable shaking of arms/legs, dizziness, sweating, tingling sensations, feeling weird about the world, constant negative thoughts, blurry vision, feeling hot/cold, so many! It’s crazy to think anxiety can cause so many symptoms. It’s a vicious cycle when you have health anxiety and feel like there’s something serious wrong with you which fuels your anxiety even more

You are exactly right, it's a huge pain in the behind. I wonder if anyone has ever overcome anxiety, I mean I'm just learning to live with it 🙁 xx

I know that feeling I get them to like bad hart burn. And it want go away and the pounding hart everything. And for days at a time

Yes me too. I can have such bad symptoms completely out of the blue for no apparent reason whatsoever and then merely days later it can be like nothing ever happened. It's uncontrollable which is what freaks me out, comes with no warning at all and you just have to ride it out 🙁 xx

Hmmm my current list lol :

- Teeth grinding / TMJ

- Racing Thoughts

- Digestive Issues: constipation , gas :/

- constant burping when panicking

- while panicking muscles feel stiff, ( example: I had a panic episode & my hand was stiff, I couldn’t text anyone)

- tension in upper and lower back

- neck tension

- intrusive thoughts

- tingling in face , arms when panicking.

- jelly sensation in legs

List goes on but that’s all I can think of for now

All the ones mentioned but the worst one to me is the fear of going INSANE. I hate all of them but thinking you are going crazy is the worst. I would rather do anything than loose my mind.

Such a scary feeling isn't it. And people just don't understand. Some days I can't even go to work it's so bad but try explaining that to people, I wish people we're more aware of the effects it has on guys like us xx

There is no way anyone can understand unless they have suffered it. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. It is truly so hard to live with.


I try not to remember all the horrible symptoms I’m afraid they will return. I’m currently symptom free and feeling normal. Wishing you all the best and never give up.

Feeling Impending doom

Having my arms crossed

Hard Time breathing

Aches and pain everywhere

This happened just this weekend at the mall:

Loud noises

Too many people

Being somewhere too long..

Spacing out

Getting antsy


I have alot of symptoms myself but the most irritating one is this dyspnea feeling..the need to pull hard for a satisfying breathe constantly.

Iv done ct scans angiogram and d dimer test to rule out pulmonary embolism and chest sprays blood works was all normal..

I feel dizzy or off balanced everyday for almost the entire day it goes away when I'm sleeping. When I wake up in the morning I feel like a healthy person and then I get up and start feeling it. When it's not that I feel my eyes getting shakey, causing me to get dizzy. I'm constantly shaking my legs. My chest sometimes feels heavy or tight, but that feeling only lasts for less than an hour. I had my medication for a year now and have not taken it, but I'm starting tomorrow. I'm scared but I feel like I have no other option.

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ImHere Again, I use to be like that. Fill my prescriptions and then have it sit on my

pantry shelf (bottle after bottle) I eventually looked like a pharmacy. Then, like you,

the day came when I decided to start my medication. I couldn't be any worse than

I already was so what did I have to lose? It worked. I had let my emotions make the

decision and not the rational part of my brain. Good Luck tomorrow. Let someone

know you are starting the med. Write down the name of the medication, the time you

take it and the dose and then the most important thing is to go on with your day.

Forget about it and let it do it's thing. Good Luck, we will be here to support you through. xx

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Thank you for the advice, I did not think any of that. I just hope I don't get freaked out by it. I will think that any sudden change in myself will be the medication and then I won't want to take it anymore. Thank you so much ❤️.

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We'll be right here to comfort you through. You're going to be okay.

You will finally be taking that step forward. :) xx

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Ditto my friend xx

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