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Idk what to do anymore


I woke up with my legs twitching and heart racing and feel very weak

Some days are worse then others but today is horrible how can this be anxiety ? I had multiple testing from my heart to head to auto immune difiency and all came back great only thing I know I have is low vitamin D currently on d3 medication . I’m thinking i need treatment at a facility it’s getting worse and nothing I’m doing is working and just seems symptom are getting worse

My whole body feels like trembling and Idk wether something is terribly wrong or my anxiety this is actually something new 😭

I feel defeated I feel alone and afraid why when u think ur getting better something new happens and makes all that progress just go away!?!

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I really is anxiety. I've been waking up some nights too early with my heart racing and feeling uptight too.

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It’s horrible dealing with this sometimes idk if I am strong enough for this 😭

I have these symptoms myself done every test I thought it was MS drs says no but I’m so convinced it is feel like I’m losing my mind

I thought I had cancer I thought I had brain tumors or kidney disease heart disease the list goes on the de says all this is my anxiety they checked me for everything and every cut scan and he says I’m completely healthy it’s crazy how anxiety does this to our bodies

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that.

I totally understand where you’re coming from I feel very alone too, all these horrible symptoms are horrible,

I’ve even forgotten how to laugh properly if that makes sense? Agitated and worn out with it all x 😔

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I’m sorry ur going through this it’s horrible and can wreak havoc on your body

I forgot what it’s like to be happy too but I know I will get there I wasn’t always like this and my body been like this for a while I just need to teach my mind reprogram myself to be like me not like this

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