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A cold maybe? Idk

So I wasn’t sure what board to ask in but figured this might be the right one since it’s getting my anxiety up.

So for the past two weeks I’ve had what so thought was a cold but this morning realised that’s 1000x worse in the morning with sneezing, watery and itchy eyes and a scratchy throat (probably from no water in the night) so I’m now wondering if it’s an allergy to something in my room. I mean the runny nose comes and goes throughout the day but all but dries up

sometimes and the watery itchy eyes are always gone until the next day. It only takes half an hour or so to clear once I’m awake but I was wondering if anyone had experienced anything like this? Surely if it is a cold it wouldn’t improve throughout the day?

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Sounds very much like you could have allergy problems I have them and it does

not take much to trigger them of but like you say it improves during the day

Keeping a window open in he bedroom helps as well as a humidifier , also of course clean sheets and keeping your bedroom as dust free as possible and the best way to do that is when you dust don't use polish but a damp cloth as products irritate things more

If it continues see your Doctor as there are eye drops nasal sprays etc all which can help which they will prescribe , but nothing to worry about you just have to change a few things , try and keep a note if yo have used something that makes it worse and so on :-)

Take Care x

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Does sound like an allergy. I get a bit nasally when we start to put the heating back on. Maybe dust related? Have a think what it could be x

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I forgot that one the heating on that can trigger mine of again to

That is why they say leave a window open , have a small bowel of water near the heaters as well as a humidifier if you want to see if that helps to :-) x


Reminds me to have a good 'autumn clean' get rid of the dust. Fresh air def helps x


Yes fresh air is the best thing especially as the weather starts changing and we tend to stay indoors more , a good walk in the cooler air can be very therapeutic :-) x

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