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Citalopram withdrawal

I want to stop taking my citalopram - I have made several changes to my life and I now feel that my anxiety is much more under control. I will not however return to my GP despite the fact that she has been very helpful.

I just hate going to the doctors and I dont want to go and discuss this matter any further. In fact its the GPs surgery that creates feelings of dread in me because I dont want to feel helpless.

Is it possible to just reduce the dose myself by taking the tablets every other day and then every three days etc

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Hi Bud,

I think by taking your tablets every other day then every two days etc is how you are meant to come off anti-depressants anyway. I'm just thinking though that you don't want to do this and send your anxiety soaring again so it may well be worth a quick trip to the GP or you could call NHS direct (although I'm not sure if they deal with that sort of stuff).



Does your GP's surgery offer telephone consultations? Just a thought. I find it really hard to go into the docs too but can cope with a chat over the phone for minor things. Also try NHS Direct. I've found them useful for medication queries although they may be reluctant to advise you about an unsupervised withdrawal.

Best Wishes,



I also hate going to the dr's, I would try a telephone call as well. You can get bad effects coming off the tablets and you need to go really slowly. So do try and speak to someone

Good luck


Thank you for all your kind replies


Great that you're feeling better Bud. Please wean yourself off safely though. Are they capsules or tablets, long time since I took citalopram! Get a pill cutter from Superdrug or Boots so you can decrease your dose gradually.


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