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Citalopram for anxiety

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Hi to all,

I am new to the forum as well.

My Dr would like me to take a low dose 10mg of citalopram for my possible depression .

This low mode started about a year ago after my heart attack and stents insertion.

I am very reluctant to begin treatment since i am not sure of the side effects and drug dependency.

Any advice will be appreciated.

thank you all and enjoy your day.


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Hi,I had to stop citalopram due to stomach problems.

thank you Alan.

What type os stomach problems were you having?

It aggravated reflux disease.

I was on citalofor a few years. After a while it seemed like it was doing no good thendeemed to make me worse. I spoke to s fresh doctor. She weanedme off citalopram andstarted me on venlafaxine. Have been great on this so far. Really feel S though it is doing some good for me. Hope this helps.

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kyoom in reply to trevor1954

Hi Trevor,

Thank you for your input

I am not sure what to do.

I have been on 10mg for almost a year now for anxiety and it has worked for me. The side effects the first few days of taking it scared me, hot sweats, shakey, like I was having an anxiety attack but it went away after about a week of taking it

I don't generally comment on here, but since I have taken Citalopram for a few years, I thought I would chime in and tell you that it works well for me. Friday my doctor said he wanted me to wean off of it and I told him no way!! He took me off of it several months back and I went through hell. Since I've been back on it for awhile I have reached a point to where I feel pretty good again. I'm just saying how it's worked for me.

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kyoom in reply to jgrim9110

Thank you very much for your feed back.

did you have many side effects from the dosage?

it is the best fucking medication on this planet!!! i had all my life GAD, PTSD, bipolar, panic attacks, i used and abused ampheatmine and bupnemorphine. i had every fucking problem a man can have on this planet and my head and my thoughts were million times worse than any other ones. i went to a lots of doctors and they prescribed me lots of different antidepressants SNRIs SSRI and those kind of shit and bromazepam xanax and things but nothing helped ever. but citalporam alone 40 mg a day helped. but it kicked in after a month. after one months i was happy i needed to talk and communicate to people. and i wanted to be good and nice to other people, and i hugged everybody i loved everyone and i was feeling better than anyone it changed my life it is a fucking magic trust me

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kyoom in reply to jamesmcallan

hi James,

thank you for you comments on Citalopram.

Are you still on the drug?

what about some of the side effects/

I am on quite a few med for my heart condition and my Diabetes,so I am hesitant to add another regime unless it will help with my shitty mode sometimes.

thank you for your help.

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jamesmcallan in reply to kyoom

its makes you high a little bit euphoric . do 10 mg ecery day once a day its the half dose normal dose is 20 start with 10 mg and then after month go up to 20 mg and stay pn 20 mg for at least two months and then agter 3 months lower the dose on 10 mg for one month and after that one month of 10 mg wothdrawal then dont drink at all

trust me i know. first week will be hard youre gonna feel euphoric and high you c ant eat you cant sleep but after that one week you wont feel anything and after momth youre gonna be better than anyone

i dont support medicine use for anxiety i think the main thing is psichology and self esteem and maturity the person whos mature self esteem and confident is never depressed or panic attacks. you have to come to the point that nothing can affect your mood or your thoughts. when you think of something you give this thiught some power ower you and youre powered by these thoughts. when you win and you realise that if you choose your thiughts to be in yor control thenypure gonna ne confident in any fuckinn situation and you wont have any anxiety

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kyoom in reply to jamesmcallan

Hi James,

Those are great words of wisdom.

I fully agree with you.

I have not taken the drug since it was prescribed by my Dr.

I would like to try by raising my self confidence and i hope to overcome my doubts by doing things like outside walking ETC.

Thanks for your help,much appreciated.

your friend,


They should put you on a new medication citalopram is an old anti depressant they should try you on sertrailne first witch is the most common one

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