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Need someone to talk about what happen i would never tell anyone how i feel anymore!

so i told someone how i been feeling they think im crazy and saying if its my mind that im going to stay like this forever because theres no cure for the mind makes me feel crazy now and that i have this sort disorder or im just mentally ill

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Having negative thoughts doesn’t make it true, and that persons opinion on what’s going on in your mind doesn’t make it true either. You may have a disorder but that does not make you a crazy person, tell someone who has studied medicine or psychology how you’ve been feeling, and they can give you some kind of understanding on what may be going on in your mind.


yeah that made me feel not good enough about myself only reason i dont really go see a docter because i know im not crazy so i fight ny mind everyday just to act like im fine when mentally im stressed out about it . im not stressed about nothing life its just stressed about how im feeling and the emotions i been having and the thinking aswell.


Bullshit Johnny. They have no idea what they are talking about. Just let it slide. Besides, there is a cure. If you can, check out some of my posts on this forum which may help you.


thank you made me feel a little bit better


Don’t listen to them. There is hope ❤️


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