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feeling anxious and very alone

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hi,thought id say a few words expressing my utter frustration and worry regarding my almost complete isolation,no one to really off load to or general chat..im just hoping that I will manage to join something before I fall apart;the past year couldn't try though I wanted to but anxiety stress depression took over and my only outlet is going shopping usually for food and my wee cat..im worried that my health will fail as my diapghram gets tight and it seems like its affecting my entire body off balance and dependant on diazepam,gp has given me more after stopping .that's my crutch and I worry in case my mobilty goes as not that active and my birthdays this coming month ---not young anymore though hate to admit it ..Want to find a new lease of life-----any suggestions.

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Hello lorianxiety.. your not alone I too have been struggling over the past 6 months I feel your concerns and understand the way your feeling I'm sure there is some light at the end of this tunnel we have to keep going we can't give in let's hope that 2019 is kinder for us all stay strong

thankyou Oricidrose,I do indeed hope that the New Year will bring better things for you too,and for others sufferers. all the best.

Are you taking an AD in addition to diazepam? Most people that require benzodiazepine medication need an adjunct antidepressant medication as well. Anxiety and depression frequently walk hand in hand.

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