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songs that might help

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i hope this kind of post is alright. i'm always unsure of what to do on forum-like sites. here's a few songs that i tend to listen to to help either calm me down and get me in a better mood or to help me sleep. been listening to these for the past two years or longer and they tend to help a lot. i hope any of them helps someone else. not all the same genre so someone should be able to find at least one they like.

not all of these songs are soft and quiet but they're all pretty good.

Marconi Union - Weightless (apparently designed to help your heartbeat. i listen to it frequently)

Noah Kahan - Young Blood

King No One - Gold

OMN - In Quiet Rooms

Tabrill ft Dom Buckland - Cold Pill

Ariel - Ideadead

REM - Everybody Hurts

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

Passenger - Whispers

Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon [Melvv Remix]

Martin Luke Brown - Shadow and Light

Timeflies - Once in a While [Acoustic]

Mountains of the Moon - Bayou

Bastille - Oblivion

Ed Sheeran - Parting Glass

Aether - Catharsis

Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Fantasy

My Chemical Romance - The World is Ugly

My Chemical Romance - SING

Panic! At the Disco - Nine in the Afternoon

Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

Andy Grammar - Keep Your Head Up

Hollywood Undead - Your Life

Jon Bellion - Guillotine

Madeon ft Passion Pit - Pay no Mind

Half Alive - Still Feel

Incubus - Drive

The Strokes - You Only Live Once

Matthew Koma - Parachute

Jeremy Zucker ft Blackbear - Talk is Overrated

Jessie J - Who you Are

other ones that aren't meant for calming but are more so relatable and you might listen to them to express yourself. definitely helps me release things when i can't talk to my bud or might be crying about something at the time.

Lower Than Atlantis - Words Don't Come so Easily (has to do with not being able to speak well. i really relate to it when i'm having social issues.)

Lower Than Atlantis - Had Enough (this is one a rebellious, angry teenager would listen to when upset. it's pretty loud and brash.)

The Lumineers - Sleep on the Floor (relates to the feeling of wanting to get away at least for a moment)

Jeremy Zucker - All The Kids Are Depressed (title's pretty self explanatory)

Prelow - I Don't Wanna End The Night

Prelow - Backseat

Mother Mother - Body (dysphoria and self image issues)

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hi heard a couple of them.r.e.m everybody hurts is truly amazing it gets me every time.

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bitanoken in reply to kenster1

yeah, it's such a great song man

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Love it! I know many of these :) Music is fantastic therapy, isn't it?

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bitanoken in reply to Calm_mama

definitely! it can really get your spirits up

comfortably numb by pink floyd really helps me (: also anything by sigur ros or lo fi relaxing beats. i like this thread!

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bitanoken in reply to

thank you ! i'll definitely be checking those out

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This ENTIRE Sound Track [ Of The Whole Movie ] Helps Me Calm Down & Rest :

[ & I'm A Rocker By The Way, But Love Soundtracks Too ]

The Soundtrack To "The Village". James Newton Howard...

[ Get The Whole Soundtrack If You Can ]

Close Your Eyes & Relax....

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bitanoken in reply to TriggerPoint

thank you for sharing!

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