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Costochondritis and bronchitis

I get bronchitis every year when it gets cold out. I have a cough that persists for weeks at a time and I also have a mild to moderate form of asthma. I have been coughing a lot and my chest is burning. I also have costochondritis. Does anyone have any suggestions ? I use voltaren gel for the costochondritis which is ibuprofen in gel form. Then I take flovent 1 or 2 times a day. I never have trouble breathing or dizziness. My oxygen levels are usually in the 97-98 range. Any feedback is really appreciated.

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I am curious as to whether you have seen a physician? I am guessing you have? I don't have any suggestions but am wondering whether you are feeling it is also connected to anxiety as you posted it here.


I have seen a physician. that is how I found out all of this lol.


Well I know it must be very frustrating!!! I wish you the best of luck in resolving it.


Hi Katie, I e just looked up your condition on Wikipedia

and the medication Flovent.on

The Costocbondritis can be caused by coughing! Check it out.

Flovent, there's a lot of info on that on

Just go to their website and tap of the letter F, you'll see Flovent listed, so look it up and read the whole information, the page scrolls up for quite a long way. There's a lot of info about uses, after effects and warnings what to tKe or not if using Flovent.

You might find it all very informative and helpful. If you take info of both into account. If it mentions any thing else relevant to you, put the relevant word in Woki search and look at what else comes up.

Hope it helps you sort things out. Of course you may know everything you read.

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Sorry that should have read Wiki search as in Wikipedia. A great starting point for so many things, using just one word!


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