I don't know what to do anymore. My anxiety is out of control. I im dying all the time. I have headache, ear aches, pain in side pain on back. Numbness hot flashes pounding heart. Im so sick of this I need help. I don't want to keep stressing everyday about my health. Does anyone else have this? How can I manage life with this? Does it ever get better?


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  • From personal experience (not me, but from a family member who went through a bad car crash and severe anxiety symptoms) daily exercise is super's like eating an apple after stuffing your face with junk food..try it out see if it works! It worked miracles for my family member!

  • I will try this

  • Yep this is me everyday hate it some days are better then others but it's so crap sorry your dealing with it to. I feel One little thing and think I hsve something bad it'd talinh over my ever day : ( . I feel so much better when I am around my friends and family and doing things like lunches and gym but when I am home alone it hit me it really brings you down

  • Yes i feel like i'm constantly dying too. Feel free to pm me anytime.

  • Exercise is really good and also doing things to help you relax like sitting down the beach by yourself, getting massages, having long showers with candles lit in the bathroom. I find all these things so helpful! I've had a pain in my head for months and convinced myself I had a brain tumor to the point where I had to see a specialist. Then I had pains in my breast and was worried I had breast cancer. Lately my throat is closing up to the point where it is hard to swallow but when I close my eyes and take a deep breath I can swallow with ease. It's all in your head. It will take time but after doing all of these things to make me relax I am 100 times better already. I still have my bad days but am slowly learning how to get through it. Every time I have a panick attack I calm myself down and it gets better. I hope this helps you :)

  • How so I calm down though

  • I totally understand where your at honestly the biggest problem is that we spend a lot of time actually feeding the anxiety as it is the most real thing to us. Try looking up mindfulness, it honestly is changing the way i think and thus not feeding the anxiety as much. I can honestly say i am better but if anyone had told me this few months ago i would always say - don't see how this can ever go away. You need to stop feeding it and start saying " right you there is no way your bonny beat me" Start to really listen to the birds singing, take the time to really listen and watch them if you can. Sounds crazy but really get into looking up mindfulness - your in control and whats happened is the anxiety monster has taken over but tell him he better watch out your not going to be feeding him a anymore. honestly I have had brain scan everything - it was anxiety all along!! Which I was shocked about but after the scan i thought right I can't go on like this. Think mindfulness is on you tube and local areas actually do classes on it. x Here for you anytime x

  • Hi I am going through the same thing but I think worse over a month ago a relative die suddenly so I started to look up his systoms and thinking what if I die like this too I started to get all the symptoms them my heart start to race I started to think I'm getting a heart attack I went to the doctor he said is anxiety still my heart race none stop I would get stabbing pain in my arm face head after that I saw five different doctors all said it's in my head I did ekg and a cbc all normal all I can do is read about heart attack on the net about three days ago my heart started to race again I did a ekg again yesterday it is normal but my heart was racing 138 please someone help I am worried all day bout having a heart attack and dying and leave my two girls

  • You might want to see a therapist to help you with dealing with whatever is bothering you. It sounds like you are having panic attacks. It must come from something. Hope you are better soon.

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