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Heart Related Anxiety



I go away next week and part of my trip will involve a theme park. For the last few weeks, my heart related health anxiety has come back!

My fear that I have an un-diagnosed heart condition is rearing its ugly head again.

I am overweight and I don't get as much exercise as i should - not completely lazy but definite room for improvement! LOL.

I do get palpitations and I suffer with GERD, So sharp/burning pain can be an issue.

Recently, my HR has been lower than usual (according to my Fitbit) and I get out of breath climbing the stairs.

Logical side of brain says - HR is normal, you are just unfit hence out of breath.

Anxiety brain is saying, underlying heart condition - un-diagnosed - imminent death.

In the past I have had countless ECGs, blood tests, a halter monitor and an Echocardiogram. - all fine.

The heart monitor was around 5 years ago and the Echo 3/4 - could much have changed in that time?

I'm worried I'm going to get on a roller coaster or intense ride and it's going to trigger something that will make me very very ill...or worse!!

I feel like this is going to ruin (is ruining) my pre-trip excitement.

I have just done a mini at home workout and feel fine, so surely there's nothing to fear?

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There is no requirement for you to take fast or scary rides, such as roller coasters. There are a lot of rides that are not designed to be frightening and there are many people who dislike roller coasters.

Mouse87 in reply to b1b1b1

I'm not frightened of the coasters...i actually want to do them. its the health anxiety fear that worries me. I dont want to miss out if theres no need to

b1b1b1 in reply to Mouse87

Nobody can decide for you. Maybe you should check with your doctor.

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