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Is dizziness related to anxiety?


This happened at work on a Friday morning as I started a new role in a different department. Waves of dizziness came crushing suddenly with the feeling like I was standing on a tidal wave with ceiling going around. I walked side way bumping into furnitures. ENT, MRI EKG found nothing and my Primary sent me to have a PT to help with balance. She didn't mention anxiety at all. Today, I had similar episode because I was under a stressful situation. I googled and found this forum and I feel such a relief to know my symptoms may be anxiety attack. I don't have floaters behind my eyes but extreme dizziness. It has been 7 hours now and I am just contemplating what to do tomorrow when I have to go to work. It's a new job where the work environment is very explosive. Any suggestion? I wrote down a few from reading a few posts here. Thank you.

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Def anxiety I have had it for years now, What I have realized is that when I stress I dont breathe correct causing to much or to little oxygen, beeath in through your mouth for 5 seconds then hold it for 3 seconds then breathe out for 5 seconds, deep breaths, Its horrible but yes I think 1 of the most common anxiety side affects

Agora1 in reply to Neildt84

You're correct, when we are anxious we tend to breathe erratically w/o realizing it.  The lightheaded/dizziness  is a signal to pause for a moment and correct our breathing.   x

Needingrelief,  I meant to send my message to you but sent it by mistake to Neildt84. Sorry...

someone posted here that dehydration may cause dizziness but I'm pretty sure it was an anxiety attack nevertheless I have been drinking lots of water, deep breathing, do stretches and will be doing some music listening. I live with my adult son who has some emotional disturbances and my anxiety had been reaching up till this morning. I have to save myself since Monday morning comes soon when I have to function well. 

Agora1 in reply to Needingrelief

Needingrelief:   it seems like you are doing all the right things.  But as you know anxiety is always there especially in a stressful situation.  Feeling dizzyheaded is always a sign for me that I am dehydrated.  Was told that by my exercise coach.  I  hope your Monday morning will go as planned.   x

These can also be signs of vestibular migraine which is a form of migraine without necessarily having a headache. It affects the balance system either in our ears or brains. Like any migraine stressful situations can be part of the trigger. Hope you feel better soon. 

Hi, do you know if vestibular migraine can cause noises in ear?  Not ringing ones but little sort of pings from time to time.

Yes have def been there and still get that sensation even not under any stress. I find it worse if the rooms are small and narrow hallways make me so off balance its rediculious . Also can't focus and everything feels like its rocking . Hate it 

Yes it can cause noises in my experience. I had sawing noises and creaking noises as well as bells and other odd things. These were all relieved by taking bestahistine ( serc) which is usually prescribed for Menieres syndrome. My ears also felt very full and it helps that. It used to help a lot with the dizziness and balance problem but not so much these days. 

This may or may not be helpful, but dizziness and unsteadiness on your feet can also be linked to a vitamin B12 deficiency, are there any other symptoms you currently experience from this list?

Needingrelief,  just wondering how you did at work today? 

Needingrelief in reply to Agora1

Thank you for reaching out with care. Just told my HR n she would convey to Mgr I couldn't take on addtl project dumped on my lap recently.  Living functionally w/o head spinning/heart palp/sleeping 3-4 hrs a night/cold sweat etc is a survival priority. I don't know what future is as I am the bread winner. But I know I have to function. 😞

Agora1 in reply to Needingrelief

Needingrelief,  I give you a lot of credit for taking that step and being honest with your employer.   As critical as it is for you as the bread winner, it is just as important not to put any more undue stress on your health.  You did what you had to do.  Good Luck x

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