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New Medication


I was doing ok 3 days ago, I mean my anxiety was there but it was manageable. After being on Prozac for 2 weeks am noticing my depression get worse and my anxiety goes up and down and am only getting a couple of hours of sleep am really disappointed because I don’t like taking medication and since I don’t drinking 2 weeks ago I decided to try something for my anxiety and depression to help me now I think it was a mistake am afraid to leave my house don’t want to eat I been doing a lot of coping skills and I think I am to have to wait it out a couple more weeks 🙁

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Tamka, you are right at the 2 week mark that you are neither here nor there with relief.

You are absolutely right in giving it another few weeks. Usually within 4-6 weeks the SSRIs start to reach full efficacy levels and begin bringing you some comfort. It's been like that for all of us starting on new meds and if your doctor should increase your dose, allow a few more days. Work with your doctor through this, he knows what is best for you as well as knows your health history. xx

Tamka39 in reply to Agora1


Tamka39 in reply to Agora1

Am praying I get some relief soon

Agora1 in reply to Tamka39

You should get some relief soon Tamka. We've all been through

what you have when first starting medication. It's takes the brain

a little time to adjust to the meds. We all speak from our own experiences

which I hope helps assure you this is quite normal. xx

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