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Depression and Social Anxiety

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Hello there o/

So i normally wouldn't sign up to write posts such as these, but honestly, im just tired of the nothingness of my life.

I was diagnosed with depression roughly 5 years ago, but during then i seem to have developed some sort of social anxiety, and its just getting worse and worse as time goes on. Ive become nocturnal due to this and while i live with my family, i havent seen any of the people in my home for weeks now because of this

I always feel alone and i guess ive kind of given up on people. Im a 26yr old, with no job and for the past 2 years my life has consited of sitting in my bedroom (literally only leaving the room to have something to eat or use the bathroom) and playing online games to pass the time and keep my brain active.

I guess im writing here because i have no one to talk to, like no one who understands it? Doing simple things is a struggle, like having a shower for instance. I need to do it, but i just can't if that makes sense?

Anywho, i had better stop the rambling or this post will never end haha

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hi there,iwhilst I sympathise with your lack of living,and I have to say 26yrs was when I started going out after approx. 10yrs of fear and avoiding things and now im a helluva a lot older and anxiety and social phobia has again reared its ugly head---it seems that if you could work along with someone whom you can trust and start to build your confidence in small doses....ill help if I can ,an older buddy!

I also at one point was frustrated with lack of living. I just felt like I was existing. At one point I just decided to challenge myself just a bit every single day. Try something new everyday. I would suggest you try that. Everyday make a goal, something you want to accomplish for that day. It doesn't have to be anything huge. You could say to yourself ok today I'm going to step outside for 5 min and just breathe. You got it, you'll get better and better every day. I pray God reveals your greater purpose for your life.

Icklemoogle, I am sorry for how you are feeling. You deserve to be happy. I have had similar things in my past. For me, it worked to set small goals each day to get out of my room and make them more "adventurous" each time. You don't have to leave the house necessarily, but maybe making small goals to visit other rooms or people in the house may help you. I hope this helps. I pray the best for you!

Hey IckleMoogle, nice handle btw--I love Final Fantasy, but I only played up to FFX, I agree with the other posts about taking small actions to build momentum.

I'm an over 40 gamer, so I've kind of grown up with gaming as a thing. I didn't have online games as an outlet during high school & college. But gaming remains my favorite escape activity. I still have to intentionally limit my time with that such that I get some face time with my family. I'm not bringing up gaming because I think it's a problem for you, I'm bringing it up because my guess is that it could be a good place to start setting small goals for yourself or even setting up an award system for you self. Like if you give yourself extra gaming time for having a conversation with someone or going outside for "x" # of minutes or begin replacing a certain # of minutes gaming with an equal # of minutes outside or interacting with family.

Your self awareness is great, hang in there.

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