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I was prescribed this a week ago as my heart pounds at night. I take 40 mg citrolepam also daily. I was prescribed 25 mg at night. I’m finding I sleep for about 4 hours then wake up to use the loo and the pounding heart is worse than ever and it’s veryhard to get back to sleep. I’m now starting just to take half a tablet. Problem is I feel like a complete zombie during the day. Will this pass when my body gets used to the drug. It’s almost like I have a fear of the dug itself now

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Hi Liz, I took seroquel at a lot higher dose 275mg night time and found it very sedating the next day. It did help with sleep though so it's a tradeoff. If it's bothering you taking them though suggest you look at alternative, as you don't need more worry on top of your current level. Also, maybe check if your heart issues is maybe side effect of your meds or related to anxiety? Suggest you talk with your doc or check online. A good anxiety website is I highly recommend checking them out if relevant to you. Good luck!

Liz1806 in reply to Calm_breathe

Thank you. I’ve decided to come of Seroquel with my doc who has prescribed pregabalin instead. I don’t have heart issues had all the tests.

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