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Anybody else have creases in earlobes

I have a definite crease on each earlobe. I think this has come about from prolonged stress and anxiety.

If you’ve not heard about creases on earlobes and their significance / seriousness- do a quick google search.

It’s related to heart disease. Not good at all

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Usually heart disease is in the family gene pool. I am 71, had palpitations now have Svt, so far the heart has withstood it all, my grandmother and aunt had a heart attack. My fear is having a stroke which is on both sides of the family. I have a phobia about drugs, I should be taking statins but rarely do. Do you think you will develop heart disease? I cannot see why they think a crease in the ear means future heart problems, usually we inherit genes from both side of the parents, so ears can be inherited too, I can see different family similarities in all my three children and grandchildren.


Ask your doctor, but I doubt if this is true. If it were, there would be no need for costly and invasive heart tests. It may also come from wearing certain types of earrings.


If you do a quick Google, you will see the extensive studies & tests they have done over the years and have proven the link between the two.


how old are you, may I ask?

AND are your creases on both ears, or just one & are you of an Eastern European heritage?

This has been an interest of mine actually. I worked in a hospital many years.

This crease was at one time an " old wives tale", that was researched and found that< "all">, people who came into the ER with diagnose-able heart problems had the crease, but not all people with the crease had heart problems.

The body has some fascinating tales to tell. We are not privy to all of them.

WE can say, that those of us with health anxiety need to stay away from Dr. Google. [now that's a fact you can bet on] ;)


I have crease on one lobe. I wear earrings that are somewhat heavy. Two of my grandparents' heart stopped but they were 94 and 95. When I tell drs of their ages they quickly dismiss it. I have plenty of health anxiety but not that crease.


Yeah .. it's called "frank sign " .. not specific for all heart diseases but for CAD ...


Dts not a very specific or tell tale sign ... peace out ✌🏼

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