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No support groups no face to face meetings I have a psychiatrist who gave me Prozac and Xanax and I have appointment to see a therapist on October 16th my anxiety is always through the roof and being anxious all the time makes me even more depressed and am just struck and my only safe place is my house I can’t even go shopping with my mom no-more because am always panicking as soon as I get the confidence to go to the store and walk in my anxiety goes crazy I always end up leaving out very quickly leaving my mom and whoever else came with me in the store I go to the car and cry and the feeling of helplessness and worthless come to me and than I started feeling so alone and the first thing comes to mind is go get a drink u know it will make u feel better and u want be anxious but I know my alcohol mind is lieing to me am trying my best to stay away from alcohol and weed because I want to feel better sometimes I just want to give up and stop trying because is to exhausting and frustrating and I don’t see nothing getting better for me right now am tried of going through hell daily really need some encouraging words to get me through this tonight

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