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Never judge a book by its cover !


Today has been an eye opener of a day to say the least. For someone who suffers from Post traumatic stress disorder it’s been somewhat nervy to have a conversation with a stranger who quoted you don’t look like you have anxiety your confident, have a good career etc, are you sure its not in your head !

From this comment it really did make me feel gutted that there still isn’t enough awareness of mental health and how it’s portrayed and displayed to others. Anxiety and mental health are very much real ! It’s ok not to be ok 👍🏻

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so true you never know whats inside.

I definitely agree that there needs to be more mental health education available. I do believe we have progressed, but not far enough. When I suffered from PPD 29 years ago after the birth of my first baby, no one even knew what it was, and many thought me crazy. As long as people continue to talk about it openly, education and understanding will continue to progress.

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