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Stress anxiety

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Hey guys I’m a carpenter who co owns a company with my brother, my wife works as a cafe manager and runs her own fashion label.. lately I’m feeling like I can’t keep up or I’m not getting anywhere.. I do the work with an apprentice and my brother runs finance and it’s so stressful I feel like I do everything but get no where.. I can’t sleep other than afternoons when I’m completely stuffed! Please help

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Hi mate. Sounds like you need to try and find some way of changing your day. Do you do any exercise? Firstly it helps focus your mind and secondly it will help you sleep at night. Maybe also eat some daily goals, so rather than worrying about an endless list of things to do .... have a few that are achievable. And breath

Hey mate to be honest I eat like crap as I’m always on the go and this is my first year away from rugby due to massive commitment with work.. I’m trying now to do runs of a night and eating better I’m going on a mini holiday in a few weeks and I’m hoping it will recharge me

Eating the right stuff and doing exercise is key!! Drink more water, have decent food and try and run a few times a week... it will make a huge difference for you

Thanks heaps mate I will try that starting tomorrow thanks heaps mate

It sounds like your plate is really full. I used to feel overwhelmed with everything I had to do , and it didn't seem like I was going anywhere. When I laid down to sleep I couldn't because my brain wouldn't shut off. What I did was decided to look at the whole thing like a jigsaw puzzle, if you try to put all the pieces together at the same time it's never going to work .But that's the way an ADHD mind works. but if you take one piece at a time before you know it, you have a beautiful picture. I also let go and let God and that helps me immensely . Hope this helps prayers my friend.

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Thanks mate I really appreciate that

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