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Dizziness come from stress?


What is "GADC vertigo"?

My doc used the term on my prescription.

After taking medicine ,it was good, no vertigo , no dizziness no fatigue nothing...

But after 2nd appointment it's was going to be bad...

Then a lot of medicine I have tried but the result is nothing...

Doctor still thinking I m in depression thatswhy the dizziness is existing..

But how can divert my mind from it when I feel dizzy off balance all the time...

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Hi Litton I am a fellow dizziness sufferer when I am heading for an anxious or depressive episode but not always you see I get different symptoms each time and so it surprises me and trucks me into thinking I might have labyrnthitis or similar when in fact it's just the A&D.

I have a low blood pressure reading most if the time but not too low which puts me in the vulnerable position more I think.

Anyway I see you have ragged that you have ear related conditions. This could be the cause of the dizziness? Has the doctor checked this out and eliminated it as the two can be related. I suffer from an ear condition also but I do not think it is the cause of mine.

Dizziness is horrible. The only thing I keep praying for when I am unable to go about my daily life is for the symptoms to go away and to get better. As this positive talking happens daily I see myself better then after a few weeks I am better. This is a technique I have learnt and is in some of the books written by Dr Joseph Murray About the subconscious mind and Dr Clare Weeks. Get Reading and see if it helps.

Yup , dizziness and headaches i think its depression + anxiety i hope ya feel better

Litonn in reply to Ovoshelxx

It's been 9months, I m still feeling dizzy...sometime it's too difficult to walk.

I always try not to think about my health, about my dizziness. But everyday is going nd I feel like a prisoner.... :(

TheBlackdog in reply to Litonn

I would talk to the Dr again or try seeing a therapist for some techniques that might help. I did meditation for a while and should keep doing it daily but I find it really hard to put it into practice at home. 9 months is a long time to be dizzy.

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