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I have seen on a lot of forums that people with anxiety suffer from dizziness, when you guys feel dizzy do you generally feel like lightheaded and off-balance? Or is your Ddizziness more of like a vertigo where things are spinning? Mine is more of a light headedizziness and I'm scared it's something else like a brain tumor

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I get really dizzy Hun with anxiety & feel very unbalanced. Unfortunately it's all due to breathing & even though we are not always consciously holding our breath or shallow breathing we are.

I'm sure you haven't got a brain tumour, it's just anxiety playing tricks on your mind. Private message me if you need a chat xx

Leopard45 in reply to Ffaiers

I really don't think it's due to my breathing tho!

It is anxiety and tension that causes the symptoms I would say 90% of us get it when we are anxious.you will be fine take some deep breaths and try to relax.

Kerry-ann in reply to Leopard45

I get lightheadedness, dizzy feeling s, floaters neck acke head acke every day from the moment I get up till I go to bed, I've had a MRI on brain, mine was all normal. If u are worried ask your doctor if u can have tests to ease your worrying x

I get dizzy and off-balance every day I'm like that right now

Maribee in reply to Dec1893

Me too.

Yes I suffer a lot from lightheaded and off balance , hate it .

Yes I get the light headed off balance type dizziness. I hate it. I get really scared.

I get scared also as if I'm passed out its so scary 😥

I get this feeling too, the faint feeling is so scary

When I get it it feels like the whole room is spinning I have to lean against something to avoid falling over it gets so bad sometimes but it does eventually pass and I have succeed in not falling over when it does happen but it is a pretty scary symptom

I also get dizzy most when im standind and I hate it

Yes we are the same . I got dizziness some as yours, i just had a brain mri last week all came back normal, but if u need assurance just talk to your gp about it.

See this please all of you who have not already seen it


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