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Does your financial status makes you anxious?

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I’m 26 y/o and I I have a huge credit card debt. This is the result of being young and reckless who thought that spending or shopping to release stress but oh boy, i’m so wrong. No that I’m trying to get my shit together and be a responsible adult I decided to write and how much debt I have. Now I’m anxious about living paycheck to paycheck ☹️☹️

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I totally relate. My debt is just one of many things cycling on the anxiety carousel in my brain. When you can take action to fix it it feels a bit better (making a payment, etc) but otherwise it's just a lot of working and waiting, and hoping no emergencies come up to wipe away your progress

Sounds like you've made a good start. Do you know of an advice centre in your area that may be able to give you further help/advice. In meantime, don't throw anything like clothes or things away, as one never knows when they may come in useful or if you don't like them, you could sell them online. The old saying comes to mind ( although diff currency these days) every penny makes a £ . Or every cent makes a dollar . And if you set your mind to it, one can live quite frugally. Making lists can help..set up a few pots/ jars to put various monies in each jar for absolute essentials such as electricity / water. Sounds a bit old fashioned so you choose your pot/ jar titles on a list for your wages instead of the physical pots/ jars. & an Emergancy pot/ jar. Check out the various help websites about changing to diff credit cards to gain a bit of time for saving up to pay off more of the bill. You can do this. There are forums out there, where people with dept problems can get advice and help with lots of tips. Don't think I'm allowed to mention websites. Well not sure. Best of luck.

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