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Does arguements with others make your anxiety worse?

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Does anybody else find that if they have arguments it makes their anxiety way worse? My boyfriend has been arguing with me & it has made me very anxious to the point that I not sleep much and chain smoking. My parents fought  alot & my Dad started to ignore my mom or just agree with her. Is it a good idea to not get involved in fights if I can avoid them while I am very unwell with anxiety and stressed? cos it's made me very ill as I like to have calm atmosphere. Cos alot of stuff stressing me out with my house and health right now.(PS I don't want any relationship advice just advice on keeping calm please).cos it could be anybody I was arguing with this is just example of recent arguements.

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Arguments even when you do not have anxiety I think makes people feel anxious as they are not pleasant for most of us and so your anxiety will no doubt go up in these situations and that is normal 

I think if we can avoid getting into an argument then yes it is better for us but then we also have to make sure we are not a door mat for people by doing so , so I think it is wise to pick your arguments , avoid any that are not necessary but when there is a need to speak up then this is part of life and we sometimes have to 

It can be better if someone wants to argue to let them have their rant wait till they have calmed down and then calmly express how you feel about the issue 

Take Care x 

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Thank you Bounce for your well thought out reply!yes I think some good advice there.thanks:)

Ye I get this aswell I thought it was just me 

Omg about time someone types a post like this! I told my therapist that this happens to me ALOT. when i get upset after an argument especizlly a Huge one i get very bad panic attacks. Idk whyy but it does always. Its like i cNnot get Upset. Or if not ill Explode with massive anxiety.. 


Because of the way arguments mess with my anxiety I'm a conflict avoider, thats good in some respects but it has meant that at some points in my life I've been walked all over.  What I do if there is conflict now is just take my self off lout of the situation, though for many of you that just won't be possible.  I was badly bullied at work for years which made me very passive, I almost, well I do, feel abused by the people who try to argue with me.  In the end I managed to get out of all my abusive situations, I'm retired and now live away from all the people who used to have a go at me and feel 100% better.  Sorry not to be more help, I wish you well


Thanks poppy.sometimes it it good to know I'm not the only person that feels like seems there are quite alot of people that feel same about arguements.

Oh my!yes!im so glad to hear this!i thought I was the only one who felt that way.everytime I argue with someone I have a very bad panic attack.its good to know I'm not the only one.

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