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Anxiety returning!


I have been doing so well these past few days and now anxiety is coming back telling me I’m going to die soon or drop dead and my heart keeps pounding fast at random times and Then the thoughts of me dying come to play and Then anxiety attacks! I’m really trying my hardest to do this without medication but it so hard!!!!!!!! I feel like this is impossible

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Ur not alone, been going through similar symptoms past few days! Today was really bad, had bad chest pains and palpitations, ultimately now im thinking im really sick something bad is going to happen! I try to block out what my head tells me but find it hard, just wanna be ok again like i used to be..take a day at a time, things will get better, here if u eve wanna talk

Mindfulnessxo in reply to ash14

Thank you so much I appreciate it! Iam the same way today. I feel like something bad is goin to happen And I get sharp pains in my left shoulder scares me but since I have a headache I think it’s triggering my anxiety even more. But yes ONE DAY AT A TIME we will get better xoxo take care here if you ever need someone to talk to as well:)


You're not alone and I understand! I have been doing really well to and for no reason except maybe some financial stress, the nausea, indigestion, muscle tension and skipped, pounding heartbeat has come back. We just had a great weekend too so I don't get it. I keep just trying to accept it and float past it even though it's really hard. Getting scared and fighting it only feeds it and makes it worse. We're all here for support!

Mindfulnessxo in reply to Hidden

Yes exactly how I feel! I’m glad we can all support each other

Hi mindfulnessxo I also have got my anxiety back full on this last week, I was able to recognise over the last few months and get on with it, but this week little had me a shaky mess, I hate feeling like this I know it will pass but when u feel every ache pain palpitation dizzy head weird eyes you think that’s it my times up, I’m so glad for this forum, it helps to know we are all suffering but can reassure each other we are strong and it will get better, always here for a chat x

Yes! I hate when we start to feel happy again the. Anxiety comes out of no where and ruins everything! I’m glad we can all reassure each other on this forum

I hope you feel better soon I’ve been listening to Claire weekes on you tube she’s great for advice x

anxious61 in reply to Blondiful

Claire Weeks is the best help out there... I have 2 of her books on my Kindle.

Just take the med when needed .

I 2nd Claire Weekes- brilliant, genius...

She would say to you right now something like this,...

"And this is where I think you make your first mistake. When the anxiety comes, LET IT COME! It's just a bit of adrenaline! The way to recovery is right through! Go right through it with utter acceptance! Practice indifference, practice acceptance. Accept, accept, accept - utterly accept all those symptoms as completely harmless. They're nothing."

I have her books/videos pretty much memorized.

I have her audio links on my profile- check them out if you like.

Also a few of my other favorite resources are listed there. All support the same approach - change your attitudes and beliefs about anxiety, understand your anxiety so thoroughly, don't fear it - and it all settles down quite nicely :)

Hoping you feel better soon!


I totally understand and am in the same boat. DId great for a few weeks then it started up again a few days ago. Trying to just accept instead of tighten up and freak out like I used to. Trust me you aren't going to die from anxiety. If you haven't already, check out Dr Claire Weeks on YouTube videos or go to Amazon and get "Hope and Help For Your Nerves" which is her book. She was an doctor specializing in anxiety treatment years ago. She passed years ago but this book is a very easy to read explanation of what we all go through and how to recover from it. Hang it there. You'll be ok.

I experienced this heavily... I self diagnosed myself with many cancers and conditions . I found the only way to cope with that without medication was to confirm I did not have any medical issues that would cause me to die. I am not on clonazapam as needed though

Same! I’m suppose to be on Celexa as needed but it’s been making me dizzy so I stopped and I’m 16wks pregnant so I decided to do the best thing to have a healthy baby.

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