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Bloated Churning Stomach Anxiety


Hi All I have not been on a while but the anxiety has got a hold on me again started of to work had to turn back. I had the awful feeling in stomach blowing up like its going to burst open, and churning and knot and all the signs of anxiety panic tight chest. been to the doctors and blood pressure is sky high. I am on 40mg of fluoxetine not working put me on Propranolol 40mg as well and gave me 7 diazepam I could live on these there calm me, does anybody get the same symptoms with there Stomach? and has anybody tried Propranolol does it work

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Hey Sunshine,

I'm sorry no one replied to your post.

If you have the time, take a look at my last post and tell me if this is how you feel.

Best Wishes xx

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