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Weird symptom panic attack


Hi all. Yesterday I went to work and I was feeling nauseas . I continued my morning and was feeling off balance and just not right . We took the clients out for lunch to a bakery , I didn’t eat much as I felt sick . It was a struggle to go in there due to just not feeling right . As we drove around I felt even more weird , my vision was off , felt a bit rocky . Got back to house and I thought I was going to vomit and really feeling lightheaded. My whole body then felt like I was a pressure pipe , The feeling of doom and I was about to loose it , my heart rate got up a bit only about 100 bpm but I know my bp would of been high . I just didn’t know what to do with myself . The pressure in my whole body was horrific , has anyone else had this ? I took a Kalma (xanax) . I woke at 4 am this morning stressing over what happened yesterday as it was weird .

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That sounds horrible for you sorry u felt like that ,ive had the off balance thing like your heads just not right,the more u think about it the worse it gets but how do u stop thinking right?maybe you had a virus?your sinus can make u feel woozy and like a pressure in your head and face,hopefullyu feel better now?try not to worry i live with feeling weird most days it sucks

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Thanx and yer it’s the worst . Def not a virus . I have been perfect today . It was really strange and just wish someone could put my mind at rest about it .

I have felt like this mine was due to a sugar binge so it showed me that my body didn’t need the sugar. My issue is with self image so when I have a good week on the scales I feel the need to self destruct and go back to eating loads of sugar as a reward Gail

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