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Anxiety physical symptoms getting better ?


Although a few things have gotten better I still find myself with a sore chest and back and a scrambled mind most of the day + I find myself sorta dizzy walking around along with being able to notice my heartbeat all the time (feel it) in my chest stomach and fingers. I also find that I resist leaving my house and I can’t stand being in the shower for too long because my chest hurts and I get dizzy.

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Hi I have similar thoughts, I find that if I accept them, then try to ignore, it helps a lot. Getting out of the house and keeping occupied and being in company of others helps, however I know its tough. Best wishes.

hi there.. just know that you are not alone. after reading this post it's like I could have wrote it myself. I deal with the same exact thing. You just have to tell yourself that these are symptoms of anxiety and they will not last forever.

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