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Overthinking everything badly it's hard to explain


I feel so silly saying this but I can't stop thinking washing clothes and how many times to do it and making decisions on what to wear I have got over this before many times but each time it comes creeping back up on me I feel as those these mad thoughts will never leave me or is there a cure to my crazy thoughts can anyone understand wot I am going through or am I just a hopeless case. I feel totally werid and as if i can do anything right i can't make simple chooses that I was able to do before every time I get myself back on track it's like it comes back to haunt me again and I was able to keep it under control for a bit but now it's contoling my whole life again and I don't want to go anywhere as when I do I get more worried about shopping wot to buy I just pick up junk as I can't think straight about anything and I look at other people and think to myself I so wish I was you right now as you are in control of everything and I can't bring myself to do simply things that everyone does I going on here but I honestly feel so trapped in my own head and worsed of all I working tomorrow afternoon and I have to go in and pretend I am normal if there such a thing.

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I think we all overthink! That’s why most of us are worry warts. We sit and overthink everything so much that we make ourselves sick over it. It sounds to me like you are putting so much pressure on yourself. Go a little easier on yourself, you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got! Something that has worked for me is paying attention to those repeating thoughts and when I find myself going down that trap I say something like “ok, enough is enough I’m not worrying about that anymore.” Or if it’s something particularly worrisome I say “yesterday was heavy, so put it down.” After repeating that enough the thoughts stop happening so frequently. P.S. I’m sure someone is looking at you at the grocery store thinking that you are so put together and that they wish they were you!

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