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Ground shaking and right eye seem off from High rise building

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I work on the top level floor (32nd) of a high rise in Manhattan and recently it seems the ground is shaking all day long! I believe this is from ac/HVAC unit which is directly above me.

Every day by 4pm I am extremely dizzy and feel faint. Typically this feeling lasts about 2 hours after leaving work.

Today I noticed when focusing even after leaving when looking at things w only my right eye things I am looking at especially patterns seem to be shaking which has been panic inducing and making the dizziness feeling worse.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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Yes, when my anxiety is high I notice that it looks like patterns are shaking or moving a little. I have not noticed that it is worse in one eye or the other though.

I have experienced some dizziness or at times I feel off balance & there has been a few times it seems like something I'm looking at is shaking. Ive felt that just in the shower before. Ofourse never no where near as high up as you.. whew, I can't even fathom that! Anyhow, as for as the HVAC unit, (we're HVAC people) I have seen on industrial units when the belt gets bad, that thing will vibrate a good bit! Sorry i know that's not very helpful but hope it helps some.

Have you asked anyone whom you work with if they "feel it too"

Have you tried eating some fruit and cheese before 4 PM to see if you can avoid the woozies at that hour?

Ask yourself the hard questions as to what you think is causing this in you at this time.

IF you honestly can not figure anything out, find a trusted doc who can walk you though getting to the bottom of your concerns.

A shock to the body will do lots of strange things and a shock can be anything that unsteadies the mind or eyes. Heights, quick movement, someone suddenly shouting, a skid, a slight knock on any part of the body. The brain will probably do the rest for you as it feels it is in danger and adrenaline pulses around long after the actual problem and will make you unsteady, dizzy and all the above. Especially being at a huge height that actually is moving, for don't forget tall building can move quite a lot and there is no reason why your brain doesn't know that.

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