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Ears and neck!


I am 31. Since the age of 20 I have had symptoms that no Dr or test can explain.

My lastest is pressure in the ears mostly the left. Crackling ears. Tight neck. Constantly holding my shoulders up tight.

The worst thing is the dizziness. Everyday.

All my tests come back clear but I can feel this pressure in my ear.

I have two children which I'm struggling to look after. Sometimes I think they'd be better off without me. I don't want them having problems like me and growing up like me. Having more children has been put on hold cause my dizziness is so bad.

This is my life and I feel shit and dizzy everyday. What a waste of life


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Need-hope, I have experienced the same feeling over the years. Ironically, have it today.

Know that anxiety affects every muscle in our body. Maybe not at the same time. It picks and

chooses a muscle we tend to over abuse when tense.

It sounds like you carry your stress in your neck, as I do. When we do that, we jut our heads forward

in trying to balance that dizziness, we bring our shoulders up to our ears and we clamp down on the

muscles in the ear canal. Giving that pressure feeling in the ears. That in turn leads to a dizzyheaded

feeling which makes us more scared which makes the muscles more tense. And the fear of fear cycle

has been completed.

The answer is to release the tightness starting in the shoulders and neck. You can use a microwavable

heating pad or what I do. Throw a large towel into the dryer for 15min and put it around your shoulders,

neck and lower face. Sit down in a comfortable chair and relax by reading a book or watching tv. Do some

deep breathing as you escape for a few moments each afternoon.

As you deep breathe and feel the warmth of the towel around you, your shoulders will come down from your

ears, the ear canals will relax, your neck will relax and the pressure in the head will reduce intensity causing you

to feel more clear headed.

Always remember that drinking water is essential in allowing the muscles to hydrate properly and can be a big

factor in relieving head pressure/dizziness. This is called your "me time". We all deserve it and need it in balancing

our lives. Feel better. You are not alone. :)xx

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Thank you so much. That's comforting. I only wish I had a tumble dryer. I'm going to buy 1 when I move house as that sounds like a good idea with the warm towel x

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It's such a comforting feeling. Like a warm hug :) xx

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Sounds good. Especially as I have a partner who shows me no affection x

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:( x

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Agora always knows what's best!!! Trust me, I have similar issues! Good posture and core muscle strength is part of the solution as well.

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Dan, Jimmyjimmy is right in that the scm muscles can alleviate the problem with a physical therapist.

I was in a car accident years ago and got a side whiplash. Unfortunately because of my anxiety and fear

of having my neck manipulated, therapy was a waste for me. And so the heated towel provided me comfort. :)

You are so correct in that good posture and core muscle strength play a part in the solution as well.

I did Tai Chi for that. :)


All the symptoms of scm muscle strain, doctors will overlook it unless you mention it to them. Look it up on the net and see if it relates to you.

It is a very common condition and can be fixed.

Get your doctor to check it out.

Oh wow I might of sent this myself as this is also me every day dizziness ear pain ringing headaches. 2 children also. Affecting me from daily house chores and going out. Also had all the tests. X

I just can't believe this is anxiety. It's been 2.5 years, why won't it stop or improve or something!!!! X

I am lucky that I get bouts of anxiety that last 6 weeks at least twice a year. So most of the time I am fine. But when the anxiety starts I feel extremely tired, palpitations and dizziness. Also ear ache which I knew was anxiety but didn’t know why. I know all these feelings will pass once I am ok. When I am suffering it’s horrendous, I have tried everything holistic and NHS. Eric 1943 gives good advice and I am trying to follow that now. Good luck, you are not alone so many of us suffer,some more than others xx

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