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Need help


I get attacks every single day. I just had one really bad I was laying here with my baby and all of a sudden I just feel like I’m going to stop breathing. I just don’t want to die and that’s all I feel. Like my lungs are just going to stop working and I’m going to die. I hate it so much these attacks take over my life. My boyfriend talks to me like I’m a piece of trash like I choose to feel this way. He says “you’re fine” but not in a nice way in an annoyed way. I feel like the way he talks to me makes things worse . It’s been going on for 2 years and I try to be understanding but I don’t think I could ever treat someone like they were a burden when they are sitting there shaking clenched up wheezing. I say something to him every time but it’s still the same reaction he has to me. So I then of course now feel like a piece of shit for something I don’t have control over. I don’t want to feel like a burden anymore

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You shouldn’t let anyone treat you like that, you should have someone that wanna help you, that make you feel like you can overcome every problem you have. But it’s just my point of view, I hope you get better and if you wanna talk to someone you can count on me, maybe i might not be able to solve the problem but sometimes just telling someone about it makes you feel better

Hey Hun, so I’ve been getting A lot of panic attacks every single day too. I’m pregnant so I know it’s my hormones and With anxiety it kinda gets worse. Last night I woke up shaking and had a very bad Panic attack like everything felt different and weird!! But enough about me, don’t ever Feel like your a piece of shit because your NOT! If he seems “Annoyed” then You have to y’all to him. I had the same issue with my husband when we first started dating I told him straight up about my Issues and my feelings he then understood that this wasn’t a Joke or Fake etc. he understood and now talks to me every time I get one. He’ll do breathing techniques with me! It was worth making HIM feel like shit cuz now he understand my feelings. Hope it works out for you and Don’t worry your definitely not alone! I experience anxiety everyday for the last 10yrs

I have a family member who always says YOUR FINE to me too...and is mean to me when I have an attack and I feel like i am is very scary....and men just don't have alot of compassion,...but if it happens to him someday he will see things differently

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