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Depression help


I can’t hack this numbness anymore. I can’t remember the last time I was excited or looked forward to something in my life. I’ve tried going to the doctors and asking for help, instead my doctor just thought that there was an underlying issue and didnlpads of blood tests that resulted in being nothing. What can I do to get myself out of this?! I know a big part of it is my job because I work so much and I have an interview next week with a company who really want me and have expressed that they will make a job opening for me. And there is more opportunity for me to have more of a work life balance but I need to kick start myself into getting better. I’ve let myself go because I don’t care about how I look and I know I’m piling on weight but I just don’t care enough to change anything....

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I hope I can be of help. The fact that you have a few job offerings shows how much of a intelligent and amazing person you are. I think at this stage, it's about accepting that we feel this way BUT this is not who we are as a WHOLE. As time passes, I think people like us who have anxiety and depression can connect and have empathy for one another cause we truly understand how it feels.

Let's take it little by little with the positivity you have right now. One is the amount of job offerings you have. Like DAAAMN! That's amazing and now it is just time to research each company and the job task to which one you want to to and will enjoy. Make sure you also get a feel on how the managers work (I failed to do this. I dislike my manager. She kind of cranky pants.)

As for the weight, let's start by just walking 30 minutes a day. Walk around the park, go to Barnes and Noble and wonder off in finding books, comics, picture books (Idk I enjoy reading the kids books. They are quite entertaining to make fun of, or others). It's okay to have gained weight. That does not define who you are.

Good luck! And don't hesitate to talk to me if you are feeling down.


Hi Sara ,

Sounds like you are having a rough time, I know how hard it is when you just loose hope and enjoyment in everything it's a really dark place to be in and it's so hard to get out. You wake up feeling ok one day, really down the next, even worse the one after thinking what's the point in this, but those moods can improve.

I know how it feels when you have no motivation, seek comfort in junk foods and don't even want to socialise with family or friends. But honestly the first step for me was remembering I can look after myself, I decided to diet and it really helped. It all starts with believing in yourself, if you don't do that there is no motivation for anything around you. Make a diet plan, cut out a food you love, go for a walk in the park. I know when my mum kept telling me to do these things I thought go away I don't wanna diet or walk in the park, I just want to lay in pity and barley move. I listened and I tried and I started to apply a bit of make up, wash my hair every day, spray a little perfume, lost weight slowly, I drank two glasses of lime and hot water it helps detox the body. You have the job oppertunity there it sounds like you are already heading to a good place you just need to love yourself again and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I gained a huge amount of weight at one point in my life and went from about 17 stone to 9 stone and I do feel like the depression was hugely related to me loosing any desire to look after myself. X

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