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Does anyone else deal with or at least understand unwanted thoughts? I been dealing with not being able to control my own thoughts these random terrible and ugly thoughts always pop into my head and I feel like I have to deal with Consequences when those thoughts come to my head for example if a thought comes to my head like saying I am ugly another thought will follow saying now everyone thinks your ugly it’s confusing and a daily struggle..

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I get like this all the time. It's like we get trapped in a cycle of unwanted thoughts. For me, I get trapped in unwanted thoughts and worrisome. I starts with sometime simple then, goes into a loop of confusion and hate for myself.

I am currently going to a psychiatrist. What she told me is to do this and write it down:

My mind is telling me .....

I am having the thought ....

There I go again ....

This helps me kind of separate what my mind is telling me and what I want.

Your mind tells you things but it doesn't necessarily means it is you. It is the SYMPTOMS of depression and anxiety itself. Not us. I sometimes struggle too, to get out of the loop. Today was like that. I broke down crying not long ago. I've calmed down a bit. Using this a little. But I hope it helps.

Remember. The thoughts are the symptoms. it's not who you are.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this I forget it’s my anxiety and depression and not me I then start to get angry with myself for having such thoughts and then I Lash out at others because I’m so angry with myself thank you for reminding me it’s not my thoughts it’s part of my anxiety

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You welcome! And I didn't start thinking this way until recently too, and when I went to my psychiatrist - I asked for a behavioral methods so I do not take medications.

My advice is take your time with getting help. I am glad you are here, and I think it's a start. I just started going here last week, and it helps a lot too. I know I hate hearing my family and friend saying, "Have you gone to the doctor yet?" or "Did you seek help?"

I don't know if you are seeing a doctor or not, but take your time. Don't rush it. If it is hard to "trust" your friends and family, this forum is a great place to go to and talk to people. I am glad this helped, and hope you continue to take comfort that you are not alone.

Don't hesitate to message me whenever you feel like you need to talk to someone.


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Wow your extremely nice thank you I’m here for you as well feel free to message me whenever you need a friend ❤️❤️

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