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Hi random question, I've recently started getting this pain under my left breast near the ribs. It's a sharp pain and happens when I take a deep breath? Has anyone ever experienced this I need to make an appointment but just curious to see if anyone has experienced this personally. It's quite bothersome and I worry when it happens last for seconds but still.

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Yup. I live with this everyday. And sometimes the rib pain is in my back. That spot you described is a sharp pain and the sensation is right above the heart .When I breathe deep or sometimes lean over a certain way it hits me. I've had xrays, been to the cardiologist for echocardiogram and stress test and the emergency room for more x rays. It's what initially triggered my panic attacks 7 months ago. No one in the medical field can tell me what it is so they chalk it up to anxiety or maybe costochondritis. The only thing I can do is take some ibuprofen when it gets worse and try to eliminate my stress. I've discovered stress makes it worse. I go to the chiropractor once per week for back adjustments and does help. I also started working out again with light dumbbells. I find that a hard chest day or pushups can aggravate it. Best wishes to you and your healing. You're not alone.

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Thank you for the reply, I feel like this has been going on at least a year or so now. I definitely need to make an appointment to ease my mind because I automatically think something's wrong with my heart. When it happens it's very scary it lady seconds but I think it would scare anyone honestly if they experienced it. I also noticed when I bend over it starts up or a a certain way I turn aggravates it.

sounds like gas

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My boyfriend thinks it's that but this feels way more intense than gas. Trust me I wish it was just that 😞

Have you ever looked up something called costhrochonritus?

Maybe not the right apelling i had it its just an inflammation in the breast area and rib cage.

T relief cream and tablets help and heating pad.

Yes I've seen stuff on that. I always try todo some research on Dr. google unfortunately. After my vacation I'm definitely making an appointment so I can finally hopefully get some peace of mind. 😐

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