Hi I'm new to this but I've been having pains in my pelvic area and I am convinced something is seriously wrong can't stop thinking about it I've been to docs who has given me antibiotics for a bacterial infection and took swabs and a urine sample just waiting on results I can't stop looking up symptoms on Google and scaring myself 😞 does anyone else feel like this ? It would be nice to know it's not just me who does this .


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  • Hello

    So sad to see you have just joined & posted for the first time & so far had no replies so Welcome :-)

    I am sure the tests your doctor has done is just to make sure they are right in what they are treating you for , it normally is just extra precaution

    Please don't google you will scare yourself half to death they only seem to report the worse scenarios & google does not have you medical history , only your doctor has that & knows how to treat you

    I hope the results come back sooner rather than later so you can have peace of mind & yes I have been where you are & feeling as you are at the moment this is anxiety but you will learn strategies to help you deal with these situations , try pushing the negative thoughts to one side & maybe try & replace them with more positive ones like well why should it be anything bad or we are so lucky we get all this medical care so we can get better if we have anything wrong , takes some working on but patience with yourself & time you can do it x

  • Hi, I know exactly what you're going through. I've had various back/ pelvic/hip/neck/shoulder pain since my little boy was born 8months. I spent every day googling it and then would convince myself that I had all the other symptoms of various horrible things. I also had really extended times where I would spot but not have a proper period. I was completely paranoid hat I had all sorts. After coming on this site I realised the spotting was due to my hormones getting back to normal as the doctors said and the bad back is just that. I'm seeing a chiropractor on Monday about the back and the spotting has stopped for now so I feel so much better. Dont get me wrong I still have days where I start worrying again but just know that you're not alone in feeling this way. Once I excepted the fact I had anxiety and admitted it to my husband I started to feel so much better. Xx

  • I had this over 12 month ago. Constant pelvic pain and eventually had a scan after scaring myself silly. I had an ovarian cyst which eventually went away on it's own. However it was extremely painful at the time. I do still get pains from time to time but I have suspected endometriosis. Please don't Google! I did continuously and convinced myself I had the worse case scenario.

  • I had this not that long ago, turns out it was just me tensing just about every single muscle in my body. Now when i catch myself tensing i tke a deep breath,lay down, sit down, anything just to relax.

  • Thankyou all so much for these comments the results came back negative which kinda worried me even more but after speaking to my husband I've calmed down slightly and staying off google from now on as I was driving myself crazy I feel sick every morning probably stress thanks again for comments they helped a lot. Xx

  • Great news :-)

    Brilliant idea to keep of Google to :-) x

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