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Anyone else ever feel this fat head /dizziness ungrounded feeling ?

It sounds dumb but I really don’t know how to describe it, but this insanely weird and awkward feeling in my head. I don’t remember having this as bad before but I just started up my medicine again due to life issues. I’m scared. And when I told the doctor this they make it likes it nothing. I hate this, I hate it hate it . I was doing so good for months and then I got laid off at a job, had financial stress, and all this and then BaM! Another episode.

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Yes. It's like disassociation. An out of body experience. It will pass x


Does excess stress or shock cause it ? I lost my job and I think that’s what caused it


Hi Jmerrick22, I am so sorry about the stress you are under right now. I think what you may be feeling right now is due from the stress but also from starting up your medication again. If you'll remember, it takes time for the med to take affect once again and there will be these uncomfortable feelings until your body once again adjusts to the dose. Being under stress from losing your job as well as the financial stress is certainly not helping.

Try using your meditation and deep breathing several times a day to lower the stress level. Make sure you are eating properly, hydrating and getting enough sleep. All of those things can help make your head feel more clear.

I really wish you well and hope things turn around for you real soon. I'm glad you reached out to us. You know we care.


I need to learn how to not have so much caffeine lol ice tea is my downfall too

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