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Anyone else feel like this?

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I started suffering with anxiety nearly a year ago after a flight ever since then I haven’t felt normal since then.

Is it normal to not feel myself for this long?

I get anxiety symptoms everyday.

I always feel like I’m off balance which makes me worry that I will pass out

I always feel like I’m going to have a panic attack, does anyone else ever feel like this?

I don’t seem to ever get any relief 😢

Anxiety is taking over my life. As I type this now I have a weird tight sensation in my face and like a lien and needles feeling in my head 😢 so fed up.

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I had something similar that happend to me that triggered my anxiety and i still have it bad today, you're not alone

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NewUserx in reply to Lindsey14

It’s horrible isn’t it. Just doesn’t seem to go away!

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Lindsey14 in reply to NewUserx

It really doesn't :(

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RAB888 in reply to Lindsey14

It can if you know what creates the anxious feeling

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NewUserx in reply to RAB888

I have no idea what creates it? It just happened after a flight but now I get symptoms all the time.

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RAB888 in reply to NewUserx

There is a new understanding in where the human experience comes from that , once you 'get it', can clear up the anxiety feelings so that you can continue on and lead a happier, less stressful and more enjoyable life

NewUserx, Yes is the answer to your question, most people here have felt slightly off balance or had anxiety/panic attacks. Except you just feel you are going to have an attack so your anxiety is quite mild.

What triggered this, the flight may have caused you anxiety which was the last straw for your nervous system - but there must be/have been a period of stress, over work, disappointment, grief, toxic relationships that madecyour nerves over sensitive in the first place? If you can identify what it was and neutralise it that's the first step towards recovery.

You say it doesn't seem to go away, why should it? You haven't done anything to make it go away. On the contrary, every time you notice these symptoms you probably get a flash of fear. This releases stress and fear hormones which keep your nerves over sensitive.

So try accepting the symptoms and strange feelings for the moment. Accept them completely, calmly and with the minimum of fear. Stressing and obsessing only makes things worse. So accept these symptoms for the time being, attach less importance to them, don't let them bully you and keep occupied. Do that for long enough and you will truly feel well again.

Your anxious thoughts are just that, 'thoughts'. It's related to the 'fight or flight' safety mechanism we are all born with to protect us when there is a sense of danger or we come across somethings that are new to us and we don't know how to react.

But...we are all led to believe that it's something that happens to us from the outside world that creates our experience...understanding the nature of thought and the principles behind all human behaviour will leave you feeling less anxious as time goes by...allowing you to live a less stressful and more joyful life...every one is one thought away from happiness

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