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Anxiety, angina or heart ?

Having suffered anxiety most of adult life. I had silent heart attack many years ago. Since the I have been admitted ti A and E several occasions. After usual tests I have always been released with result of probable anxiety. I never have chest pain, but tightness, aching shoulders, and sometimes legs. Sometimes I get dull feeling in back. I take a spray, that usually precedes a dull headache. I am at end of my tether as family and friends are getting fed up with my constant complaints.

Does any of other members suffer similar symptoms?.. (71year old), and generally active, apart from this.....

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I suffered from nearly everything over 40yrs.......and trust me when I say this with the utmost respect and sympathy, because life was always about ME.

This is not as i said to upset you, because if you are not well then so it should be, but is your family beginning to feel this way.....

Mine did and as they stepped back, fed up I realised that my constant moaning was pushing people away.....

I ,ve improved I heard tell.....

The man sat on the kerb and cried because he had no shoes, then he looked up and saw a man with no feet!!!!!!!!!

Next step is to realise Anxiety is the problem---Health is the subject (your tired mind could have chosen anything)....

Have you considered meds to give you breathing space?

My father is 87 and although a lovely man, gets on to his great grandchildren, I asked him "dad how do you want them to remember you as "fun" or as a" grumpy old man!!"

sometimes I also have to keep this in mind.......get well.....xxxx

And yes you have to be vigilant at your age with aches and pains, but if the doctor gives us reassurance then we have to trust this......If not who do we trust when it comes to our health!


I understand what you are saying stde

But ...have to say this flippin health anxiety , is a pain on its own !

i have had a dreadful cold & felt coming on here & helping others (or may be not ) along with trying to remember "its a cold " dont let you mind go any where else with this till today !

Got up , looked crap , felt crap , but thought "up & onwards " so did a little cleaning , got stressed with the hubby , he has the cold to & we just are like fire works exploding at the moment ! reacted back , chest went tight , still feels tight & the head is starting to go , I have high blood pressure , take tablets for it , but the head starts "this is a heart attack coming on " when it does its so hard to feel reassurance , even from gp , the mind believes more than common sense !

I also find when it comes to the heart , even though I have checks & if you have high blood pressure you can take tablets etc but i no no one can always tell if it still will happen , & again I no the answer is "there is no point worrying " but thats the downside of health anxiety , it takes over & its so hard to keep it under control once your head is in that frame of mind

Thank goodness though for this site , where else could you openly talk about these things without people thinking you need locking up & its good to see people like yourself who have got stronger & learnt how to deal with it , others still trying , its all good , it has helped me such alot , when I have been feeling low , there is always someone on here maybe feeling worse & just letting them no you feel the same or are listening to them , does help you take your mind of yourself for a bit

whywhy x


Thanks for replies. Yes I am on medication. The usual heart stuff, plus Fluroxine for the anxiety. I also live alone, which magnifies matters. Thanks again


Joe hope you soon pick up.

Too much Caffiene does send my heart palptating and so i do try to watch the coffee and tea/

This site is brilliant and hope you get some purpose from it.

All the best Joe, swan : )


Hi Joe, welcome to our safe place where you can moan and groan for as long as you like! lol. I can not stress how much pressure this place has taken off my shoulders and my family' fact they are starting to look at me as if to say ? and I think they are wondering what the hell happened!. Well I found this site and it has made a big impact on all of our lives. These sound like typical anxiety symptoms Joe, but any doubts and you must get checked. love x Ella x


Hi again joeT.....

Yes it does not help on your much time in our own heads (dangerous place ha ha)

Its always hard to suggest things when you din,t real know circumstances....but mixing with others may help.....maybe that suffering only be too glad to look into lunch clubs or evening classes, or any gathering with others with same interests.....

I know it may be a big step....if so invite old friends anything but sit and think....

Heh what about a pet?

all the best


Thanks for all answers.. Went to hospital, checked out, and as usual heart ok. So anxiety diagnosed again. Now to get a grip, and beat this demon... Thanks again, and good luck to all sufferers..........


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